100 Thieves sign Teenage & Gigz to Apex Legends Team

100 Thieves, one of the front runners in the Apex Legends streamer / competitive scene have signed top player “Teenage”. Teenage will be joining “Gigz” as the second Apex Legends player to sign under the 100 Thieves organisation. 100 Thieves has shown massive interest in the battle royale genre, since February 21 they have also added 4 new players to their competitive Fortnite roster. However, with the competitive scene uncertain thus far in Apex Legends it’s safe to say that they are currently signing as competitors that will be creating content until the competitive scene for Apex Legends develops.

Both Gigz and Teenage have both been competing across multiple PC titles. Both players made the leap to Apex Legends upon release and have been proving themselves as top competitors in the scene.

Teenage previously competed in H1Z1 and Overwatch and was consider “Rank #1 Widowmaker” in Overwatch according to 100 Thieves. In fact, Teenage is currently tied for 1st place on the Apex Legends kill leader boards.

Gigz on the other hand comes from Destiny and since switching to Apex has started to gain quite the following. Both players look to impress when it comes to the rumored Apex Legends rank play, and upcoming Apex Legends tournaments.

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