Fortnite Speed Farming Guide (Double Swing Pick Axe)

Fortnite Speed Farming Tutorial

With this speed farming guide for Fortnite you will greatly reduce the time it takes to gather building materials. Gathering materials in Fortnite is a very crucial part of the game, a part of the game that is usually only mastered by some of the top tier players.

To start, you need to bind your “Locker Emote Slot 1” emote to your right mouse button. After that you need to put the “wave” emote in your first slot. This will allow you to pick axe like normal, then wave to cancel the animation, and pick axe again. You can only do the speed farm every other time. Doing it every time will make it not work. If you prefer to learn in video format – professional Fornite player FaZe tfue released a 1 minute guide on how to Fortnite Speed Farm.

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