100 Thieves Partner With Redbull Esports

100 Thieves have announced a partnership with Redbull Esports. The fast growing, popular gaming organisation ran by CEO Nadeshot has announced on Twitter that going forward Redbull Esports and 100 Thieves will work together to push the limits of our teams, creators, and the entire 100 Thieves organization.

This isn’t Nadeshot’s first time working with Redbull. Six years ago Redbull partnered with Nadeshot. Together they put together one of Nadeshot’s biggest streams which he broadcast out of the Redbull studios. Nadeshot worked with Redbull for 4 years before the partnership was dropped and Nadeshot joined forces with GFUEL in 2016.

100 Thieves and Redbull Esports made the partnership announcement on November 29, 2018 via Twitter, followed shortly by a YouTube video. The partnership focuses on rekindling the relationship of Nadeshot and Redbull while also using the partnership to push 100 Thieves to new heights.

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