Dead Silence & Footstep Sound Rework Coming to Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Dead Silence Fix

After being release for just 3 days, the Call of Duty community is up in arms about the loud noises players footsteps make in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This Call of Duty has moved Dead Silence over to a field upgrade instead of a perk like in previous Call of Duty’s. This coupled with the fact that when you use your Dead Silence field upgrade it isn’t 100% silent has players in dismay. Multiple pro players, including Chicago COD’s professional player Seth “Scump” Abner even tweeted about the issue:

However, recently Joe Cecot (Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward) has tweeted a couple times that changes are being made to Dead Silence but it’s not a change they can make instantly.

The change will be coming in a future update says Cecot. However, one part that players may have to get used to is having Dead Silence as a field upgrade instead of a perk. There has been no mention of transitioning it from field upgrade to perk, or even if Infinity Ward is discussing the option.

By making changes to dead silence it should improve the pace of the game, especially in game modes like Search & Destroy. By allowing players to move around the map completely silent it will allow them to get to places without the enemy team camping and just listening for information. The fix is part of Infinity Ward’s pro-active approach this year in improving the Call of Duty experience. With the Call of Duty League being announced it appears as if Call of Duty is looking to improve the games competitive integrity as fast as possible.

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