Changes within OpTic Gaming & Infinite Esports

Change is coming to OpTic Gaming and Infinite Esports Entertainment. After the sale of OpTic Gaming to Neil Leibman in November of last year things have looked very gray for fans of the #Greenwall. There has been a lot of clash between fans of the family vibe of OpTic Gaming, and the corporate vibe that Infinite pushes on the organization.

The first major upsetting part to fans was Hector Rodriguez selling majority share of OpTic. After that was the release of the competitive Halo roster – who was at the time world champions and arguably the best team in the game. There was no official announcement as to why the Halo team was released, which really upset fans. Fans were left to speculate that OpTic dropped the Halo roster because of the poor viewership. However, OpTic decided to pickup a second Gear of War team – which for the most part barely outpaces Halo when it comes to viewership.

It doesn’t help that the competitive teams have not been performing well either. The Call of Duty team didn’t win a single event the entire year. The Counter-strike team is said to be one of the most expensive teams, yet had a top tier performance in a while. The League of Legends team is near the very bottom of the standings each split. The Overwatch team started off hot, only to fall out of playoffs for Season 2.

After the turmoil and bad placings we are starting to see a change in management. Romain Bigeard, the General Manager of OpTic Gaming has just been released over a “different of opinion”. Surza, the analyst and assistant coach of OpTic’s League of Legends team has been released. Ali Saba, the director of international development has been released. Lastly, KyKy the assistant coach of the Houston Outlaws has been released. Arrow from OpTic Gaming’s League of Legends team has been given permission to explore other team possibilities. Arrow tweeted “…I’ll be looking for a new team…”

It is also rumored that OpTic J, one of the founders of OpTic Gaming has been released. Another rumor is that Chris Chaney, the President of Infinite Esports has been transitioned from President back to a “founder”.

Confirmed Changes:

Romain Bigeard (General Manager of OpTic Gaming) Released – Twitter

Ali Saba (Director of International Development) Released – Twitter

Surza (LCS Analyst) Released – Twitter

KyKy (Assistant Coach of Houston Outlaws) Released – Twitter

Arrow (League of Legends) Released – Twitter

Obscuria (Online Editor) Released – Twitter

Matlock (League of Legends Coordinator) Released – Twitter

Gomey (Graphic Designer) Released – Twitter

Chris Chaney (President) Steps Down – Sports Business Daily

OpTic J (Now President) Promoted – Sports Business Daily

Justin Clarke (Software Developer) Released – Twitter

NebtuneFGC (Marketing Manager) Released – Twitter

Nathan Nottke (Recreation Director GGEA) Released – Twitter

Markel Lee (Creative Director) Released – Twitter

John Culp (No Scope Media Editor) Released – Twitter

Simon Bennet (Marketing) Released – Twitter


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