Fortnite Chest’s Weapon Drop Rates, Weapon Rarity

Fortnite Weapon Rarity

In Fortnite looting chests is one of the best ways to gain loot early game. Majority of players scour buildings in search for their ideal weapon to complete their load out. However, some may never find their ideal weapon and will be stuck looting the entire game. Here is a breakdown of the probably of getting each weapon and rarity out of the chest’s in Fortnite.

Current as of patch v6.01 on October 3, 2018

The most common item dropped from chest’s in Fortnite is the Gray Assault Rifle. The most rare item dropped from chest’s is the Legendary Guided Missile.

Fortnite Chest Weapon Drop Rate:

Image Weapon Drop Rate
Gray Assault Rifle 16.49%
Gray Burst Rifle 12.2%
Gray SMG 11.7%
Green Assault Rifle 8.2%
 Green Burst Rifle 4.9%
 Green SMG 3.9%
Blue Suppressed Pistol 3.33%
Blue Assault Rifle 3.27%
Blue Dual Wield Pistols 3.2%
Epic Hand Cannon 2.6%
Green Hunting Rifle 2.4%
Blue Grenade Launcher 1.84%
Blue Burst Rifle 1.83%
Green Semi-Auto Sniper 1.82%
Scoped Assault Rifle Blue Scoped Assault Rifle 1.6%
Mini Gun Epic Minigun 1.53%
Double Barrel Epic Double Barrel Shotgun 1.5%
Heavy Shotgun Epic Heavy Shotgun 1.5%
SMG Blue SMG 1.3%
Scar Epic Scar Assault Rifle 1.2168%
Suppressed Scar Epic Suppressed Scar 1.2168%
Bolt Action Blue Bolt Action Sniper 1.2166%
Blue Hunting Rifle 0.9%
Blue Semi-Auto Sniper 0.85%
Epic Dual Pistols 0.80%
P90 Epic P90 SMG 0.769%
Mini Gun Legendary Minigun 0.7659%
Rocket Launcher Epic Rocket Launcher 0.752%
Famas Epic Famas Assault Rifle 0.7363%
Epic Suppressed Pistol 0.668%
Legendary Hand Cannon 0.64%
Scoped Assault Rifle Epic Scoped Assault Rifle 0.6%
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Epic Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle 0.507%
Double Barrel Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun 0.5%
Heavy Shotgun Legendary Heavy Shotgun 0.5%
Scar Legendary Scar Assault Rifle 0.3042%
Suppressed Scar Legendary Suppressed Scar Assault Rifle 0.3042%
Bolt Action Epic Bolt Action Sniper 0.3002%
Heavy Sniper Rifle Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle 0.3002%
P90 Legendary P90 SMG 0.2864%
Epic Grenade Launcher 0.25%
Famas Legendary Famas Assault Rifle 0.2%
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle 0.17%
Guided Missile Epic Guided Missile 0.1472%
Rocket Launcher Legendary Rocket Launcher 0.1056%
Legendary Grenade Launcher 0.0608%
Heavy Sniper Rifle Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle 0.0605%
Guided Missile Legendary Guided Missile 0.038%

Credit to Reddit user 8BitMemes

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