Apex Legends Kill Records – Most Kills in Apex Legends (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that was released in February 2019. Like other battle royales the objective is to be part of the last team alive while eliminating your opponents. Some players play for survival, and others like to try and get the most kills. For those that like to rack up kills, we have put together a list of the top kill games. All kill records for Apex Legends are separated by the platform played on. We keep track of the top 3 highest kill games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

TIE BREAKER: In the event of a tie, we will follow this order: Team with most damage, team with video proof, team that had the record first. For solos it is player with most damage, player with video proof, player who had the record first.

If you would like to submit your kill record, you may do so in the comments below or send it to us on Twitter @GameGuideHQ_

Apex Legends PC Team Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
ssjfpsTV, ItsScubby, SHAAFFER 41 (6714 Damage) Link
n45see, Topuntik, bryan69420 39 (6548 Damage) Link
ToasterShroodle, moeporkdiet, hodsic 39 (???? Damage) Link

Apex Legends PlayStation 4 Team Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
Eckkee, Slashhy, CuurveShot 39 (5946 Damage) Link
Mixer_Plixxer, Wollfay, Frenzy_Tanks 38 (6195 Damage) Link
MGauvreau_, SplashThenDash, Sunndew 38 (5521 Damage) Link

Apex Legends Xbox One Team Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
Incisve, Malibu Snap, TPrecision 40 (6404 Damage) Link
Stove mH, JuggyXBL, Slexys mH 39 (6751 Damage) Link
Smokkii, Storrii, Slimmii 39 (6535 Damage) Link

Apex Legends PC Solo Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
NRG_dizzy 33 (5376 Damage) Link
Rakuinka 32 (4960 Damage) Link
trausiXD 31 (5076 Damage) Link

Apex Legends PlayStation 4 Solo Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
PAPI_SHULO_NYC 29 (3854 Damage) Link
Casdg_ 29 (3737 Damage) Link
Pinecrestt 28 (3948 Damage) Link

Apex Legends Xbox One Solo Kill Records

Placement Team Kills Proof
CamouFlageGhost 28 (4848 Damage) Link
SirJamesParker 27 (4904 Damage) Link
Storrii 27 (3856 Damage) Link


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99 Responses

  1. Zach Sopher says:

    Shwhack, OpTic Thiccboi and CGI Oblivion got a 25 kill Apex Legends game, have a screenshot for proof

  2. Zane says:

    just got a 33 kill game with my buds :p will a screenshot do? if not i dont mind uploading the video. here’s the screenshot lmk if you need the video as well.

  3. Giovonni Fraley says:

    Can we have multiple world records like 1st,2nd, and 3rd

  4. Logan says:

    32 kill on xbox, have clip of last part and winning screen, also pic of winning screen

  5. Larry says:

    My squad got 30 kills on Xbox and there is proof

  6. Smarda says:

    I just had a 20 kill solo game. Do I get any credit?

  7. Smarda says:

    Just got a 20 kill solo win. Does that count for anything?

  8. Cam artrip says:

    24 kill game between 2 players on ps4 i have proof @camultra_ and @slept503 0n twitter

  9. Chardet says:

    Me and my buds just got a 31 kill game on pc

  10. Samuel says:

    28 kills game screenshot for proof
    Xbox one

  11. Karxlis says:

    I have a 39 kill game

  12. JuCy says:

    Me an a sqaud got 30 so I’m not sure where that puts us , ive got a screenshot for proof

  13. Titan95 says:

    I got 22 kills myself, with 2 randoms, does that count as solo kills record 😀 ?can upload video for proof.

  14. Shootin Lasers says:

    My squad and I got 30 kills on Xbox today. More damage than the current 3rd place holders too. Here’s proof:

  15. Morkiavelli says:

    Please make a solo kills world record, not all of us have 2 friends to play with and I feel that individual kills is just as impressive as squad kills personally.

    • Cord says:

      We have added solo records, not sure if we will keep track of top 3 or just top on each platform. For now it’s top 3.

      • Morkiavelli says:

        Wow that was tremendously fast, thank you for the quick response and also adding it, I will start linking this website around as much as I can.

  16. Austin Baker says:

    20 kill solo on Xbox one

  17. KyTheBoss says:

    14 kills solo team 20

  18. KyTheBoss says:

    Solo 14 kills team 20 kills

  19. JuCy says:

    Going off the leaderboards for solo kill records I think I’m third JuCy_SmOoThIeS, here’s the link for screenshot

  20. Matheus says:

    Hey I got a 17 kill game on ps4, Is that a record if so how do I send you the screenshot/video

  21. Wolfcrossy says:

    I got 30 kills Solo on PC. I have over 20 different pictures on my phone and screenshots for proof.

  22. Wolfcrossy says:

    I got 30 solo kills on PC. https://twitter.com/Wolfcrossy/status/1093685244966797312 I have more screenshots if needed

  23. K is For says:

    22 Solo kills on PC -> https://clips.twitch.tv/SmellyStormyGerbilShazBotstix this is a clip from the end! Its also pretty loud xD

  24. Dinesh lee says:

    I got a 22 kill game on xbox here is proof

  25. SyCoTiCa xx says:

    I have a 17 kill solo for Xbox one should be ranked #3 in world…can you email me so I can send in proof?

  26. Seth H says:

    NoahJ456 just put up a picture where he got 28 kills by himself on his Twitter. Figured I would send a message in case no one else has.

  27. I got a 24 kill solo on xbox today. GT: OG GoodKnight

  28. Elijah Barreras says:

    Hi my ps4 username is YungMemes I just had a game with 21 solo kills I don’t have footage because you can clip on ps4 atm but I have a video from my phone post game, will that work?? I have the “Lifeline’s wake” badge to prove it.

  29. Devin says:

    33 kill ps4 game, I’ve tagged your Twitter in my twitter post. The profile name is @adambob90694211

  30. Cas says:

    I got the PS4/All solo kill record! https://youtu.be/fpZh_ugFVIA

  31. Eli says:

    My ps4 name is YungMemes I just had a 21 kill solo game, I don’t have a video on account of game recording not yet allowed on pa4 but I have a picture of my screen and the “Lifeline’s wake” badge to prove it 🙂

  32. Cas van den haak says:


  33. TamashiKage says:

    i got a 34 kills game trio on ps4 and i have the picture to prove it, where can i send it ?

  34. Phantom2332 says:

    I have gotten myself a 20 kill game in PS4

    Here is the proof


  35. SnakeJawr says:

    15 kills Solo XB1

  36. Brendan says:

    I got 17 solo kills on xbox one I have ss for proof

  37. lTopGun49l says:

    22 kill solo Xbox one

  38. lTopGun49l says:

    22 kill solo xbox one

  39. Anexcy says:

    New squad record for xbox of 39!

  40. Zomlien says:

    Got a 25 squad kills in total. PS4

  41. n45c says:

    Got a 39 kill pc game
    credit to Topuntik, n45c, bryan69420


  42. Ethan says:

    Young Mr Young, Obiwonfrobe24, and Good Loot just had a 38 kill squad game on xbox one.

  43. Andy says:

    Solo 24 kill game PS4 kbetz007

  44. Weston Lamphere says:

    35 Squad kills. Sent you a message on twitter.

  45. gabe says:

    i have ps4 solo kill record i had more player damage then the guy in 1st. https://twitter.com/MLG_TANK/status/1094382603535351808

  46. Jayydar says:

    XBOX = 39 Kill Squad Game – https://gyazo.com/2490367d007210bdd2da08c662504e60 = Squad was (Jayydar, AdamTowny, Okeeh)

  47. JoodTheDude says:

    Xbox Solo Kill: JoodTheDude
    Kills: 21 (top 10 global?) lmk where I am on leaderboards!!

  48. Cody Kingsbury says:

    Just got 33 squad kills. I_am_greater got 21.


  49. Alan Bautista says:

    Got a 36 kills game on Xbox I’m robertojavier and my buddy captaincook2 and a random named Coineater. I have proof but don’t know where to attach it.

  50. Dyllan Kounovsky says:

    Just got a 25 kill solo game. Xbox one. Have game clip for proof. Message or email me ASAP!
    Gamertag on Xbox one dyll702

  51. Elijah says:

    28 solo Xbox from my friend

  52. TMT_jonny says:

    just dropped 25 on ps4

  53. Camouf1ageghost says:

    28 kill Xbox one solo https://youtu.be/V1pwdUlZXjI

  54. rafadum99 says:

    22 kills solo ps4

  55. GalaxB says:

    Dropped 31 solo kills with higher dmg than the guy in 3rd place, not sure if that ranks me higher than him then but here is proof! 😀 https://imgur.com/a/F3tWldv

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