Splitgate v1.0.4 Patch Notes – June 6, 2019 Update

Splitgate June 6 Patch Notes

Splitgate has released update v1.0.4 on June 6, 2019 and the update is now available for players to download on Steam. Patch v1.0.4 focuses on improving the quality of life of the game while putting competitive integrity first. Within the update are changes to maps, gameplay, weapons, online playlists, the UI, skins, audio and more. For players, one of the biggest changes will be the ranked playlist changes. Previously, there was a ranked free for all, and a ranked skirmish playlist. Now, there will be 3 ranked playlists – free for all, team deathmatch and “tournament modes”.

Part of Splitgate’s growth plan appears to be similar to many free to play games these days. Spltigate announced they will be adding “Creator Codes” which are codes players can use to support their favorite content creator. This will allow content creators to put out Splitgate content, while be rewarded with a percentage of the purchase when their code is used, sort of like an affiliate. More details on the Splitgate creator codes will be released at a later date, including a full list of creator codes and requirements.

Splitgate v1.0.4 Complete Patch Notes


  • Doubled number of spawn locations on all maps
  • Outpost optimizations
  • Pantheon optimizations
  • Added Out of Bounds Zones to SAW Stadium
  • Replaced rocket launcher with railgun on Atlantis
  • Fixed scoreboard issue on Atlantis


  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Fixed issue with frame drops on other player spawns


  • Shotgun now uses a fixed spread pattern (Goodbye RNG!)
  • AR spread no longer decreases while zoomed

Game Modes

  • Decreased score limit of DOM to 700
  • DOM and KOTH hill location improvements on all maps


  • New Ranked Playlists: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Competitive Play (Tournament Modes)
  • Removed Social Playlist and replaced with Standard Custom Games. Standard Custom allow you to create games with a set map and mode without any modifiers. Standard modes include: Team Doubles, Team Shotty Snipers, and more!
  • Added Creator Codes! Support your favorite creator when purchasing Disco Balls (Full list of creator codes and requirements coming soon)
  • Changed Ranked Free for All to allow 4-6 players and will start regardless if players didn’t join in time


  • Cleaned up Post Game Menu to show Winning Players
  • Added Rank Up/Down UI in Post Game Menu
  • Added Sounds and Animations to Post Game XP Menu
  • Added Names above Heads to Line Up and Party Characters
  • Tweaks to hit notifier sizing
  • Improved custom game modifier UI readability


  • Added Ability to Redeem Arena Alloy for specific skins. Redeem your alloy in the Locker Menu!
  • Fixed sniper gray M90 skin
  • Fixed issue where characters in lineup would stay as hologram
  • Made enemy players solid red regardless of skin chosen
  • New legendary skins!


  • Fixed issue where footstep sounds wouldn’t play for enemies that weren’t on screen
  • Added sound to plasma rifle projectiles
  • Crouched players have reduced footstep volume
  • Fixed issue where footsteps weren’t played on bottom of SAW Stadium
  • Fixed missing custom game lobby audio

New Players

  • On first launch, new players will be forced to watch the entirety of the tutorial and play 1 bot match before entering online play.
  • Once unlocking online play, players will have to play Warm Up Games
  • Players unlock Competitive Playlists after reaching XP Level 5

Patch notes for the June 6, 2019 update were released via Reddit.

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