OpTic Gaming Release CajunB, Add Niko and MSL

After a disappointing past few months for fans of the Greenwall it has come time for OpTic Gaming to make a change to their Counter-Strike roster. The Danish team hasn’t qualified for a major tournament or quite frankly anything in quite some time. If they have, they haven’t made any noise and have been failing to get results. Quite honestly, myself included haven’t been following the team since the poor placements started.

OpTic Gaming fans have been begging for change after seemingly losing interest in the team. So that’s exactly what OpTic has decided to do, make a team change. The OpTic Gaming organisation has taken to Twitter to announce they will be releasing René “cajunb” Borg who has been a part of the roster since early 2018.

To go along with the change, OpTic has decided to add two familiar CS:GO faces to the roster. The first being Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen who had small stints with OpTic during 2018. The second piece that has been added to the OpTic Gaming roster is “MSL” Lauridsen. Both players have moved from their former team Rogue over the OpTic.

The final form of the roster is yet to be revealed. Currently the team consists of 6 players: Niko, MSL, Konfig, Refrezh, Snappi and Jugi. Rumors have swirled around the CSGO scene that Snappi and Jugi are set to be replaced by Valde, or that one of them will stay. Once the official announcement is made we will update the article.

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