OpTic Gaming Adds Two New Content Creators – Rallied & Hypoc

OpTic Gaming announced their newest content creators on December 20, 2018. The newest creators were announced on Vision, OpTic’s documentary series. The two new content creators are “Rallied” and “Hypoc”. Many fans of the greenwall know “Hypoc” as a player for OpTic Gaming’s PUBG team. However, after the release of the PUBG team Hypoc decided to stay with the organisation as a content creator. The other, Rallied, has been a streamer for the past 11 years and mostly plays competitive matches on Call of Duty.

Over the past few months Hypoc has become a fan favorite, appearing in OpTic Trivia and other OpTic Gaming videos. When the announcement was made that OpTic would be releasing their PUBG team fans cried out to keep Hypoc onboard as a content creator. After the announcement in Vision it appears the fans are getting what they want. Hypoc will transition from a pro player to a content creator for the organisation.

Rallied (Patryk Salata) on the other hand some of the greenwall may not have heard of. However, Rallied is an up and coming streamer who streams mostly Call of Duty. Rallied appears to be a good fit with OpTic who’s primary fan base is built around Call of Duty. Earlier this month another OpTic content creator “Hitch” teased the idea of OpTic Rallied on Twitter. It’s unclear to see if at that point Rallied had already joined the team, or he was just posting the tweet to see how fans would react.

Official Announcements

Vision Announcement:

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