Overwatch New Champion Revealed “Wrecking Ball”

On June 28, 2018 Overwatch announced a new champion coming to the arena. The announcement comes just hours after season 10 of ranked play has ended. The new champion appears to be a hamster with some sort of mech. The new champion goes by the name of “Wrecking Ball”. You can view the Twitter announcement here:


Overwatch Developer Jeff Kaplan goes into further detail on Wrecking Ball in the YouTube video “Developer Update” below:

The video tells the story of how the character came to life, how he was created and how why he fits into the Overwatch story.

A lot of the internet is reacting in a sort of sarcastic way, saying the developers are “laughing” at this point. Some players commenting that they can’t tell if this hero announcement is a troll or if it’s a real announcement.

Some of the new Tank’s abilities are:

  • Shift into “ball” mode and knock enemies around.
  • While in ball mode he has a grappling hook he can shoot out that allows him to swing all over the place and gain momentum.
  • If high in the air you can crouch causing you to go into a pile driver and drop straight to the ground with an enormous force.
  • Adaptive shield ability that gives you a certain amount of shield depending on how close you are to enemies.
  • Mine field – a zoning ability to deploys mines which take a little while to arm

You can read more about Wrecking Ball on the Blizzard official site here.

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