Fortnitemares Part 1 Cheat Sheet, Challenge Guide

Fortnitemares Part 1 Cheat Sheet

Fortnitemares is a special event hosted by Fortnite to celebrate the Halloween season.  Part 1 of the Fortnitemares consists of 4 different challenges that will once completed will unlock an in-game emote.

Fortnitemares Part 1 Cheat Sheet:

Fortnitemares Part 1 Cheat Sheet

Fortnitemares Part 1 Cheat Sheet

Fortnitemares Part 1 Challenges:

  • Destroy 5 Cube Monsters – Cube monsters have been placed around the map in various locations. Destroy the cube monsters to complete the challenge.
  • Deal damage with assault rifles or pistols to cube monsters.
  • Visit a corrupted area in different matches.
  • Dance in front of different gargoyles.


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