Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Update #12 – Weapon & Storm Changes & Progressive Outfit Updates

Fortnite Dev Update #12

After the recent v5.0 patch update, the Fortnite developers have released a video to update players on the changes to the game. The first change the developer talks about is the change to shotguns. When fired the pellets from the shotfun will shoot in the exact same spread each time, hopefully, making them more consistent. In addition to the spread change they have also added red dots so you can see what pellets did damage or not. Another change to the shotgun is a short delay after firing to a shotgun when changing to another shotgun; essentially shutting down double pump.

The second weapon class to get a change was the small machine gun. Developers noticed that players were starting to pick the sub machine guns for long range engagements over the assault rifle. To make sure that the smg was only used for short to medium engagements they increased the drop off damage giving the gun less range.

Another change is to the storm circle behavior. In the final circles, 7, 8, and 9 the storm will center outside of the playable area and shrink towards that location. This is to encourage exciting and dynamic game play to games that make it that long.

The final change is to progressive outfits. Players were complaining that they did not have enough time to complete some of the challenges to unlock parts of the progressive outfits. The new progressive outfits will be based on experience, and can been complete outside of season 5 as long as enough XP is gathered. You can watch the Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Update #12 below:

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