Ring of Elysium World Records

We have compiled a list of some of the most notable world records across Ring of Elysium from a collection of different players.

A lot of players have gotten really high kills in Ring of Elysium, but who has the highest? We have put together a list of all of the Ring of Elysium records we could find and cataloged them for you to view. As records are broken we will update this list to keep you updated on all RoE world records.

A table for records on each map will be created when a new map is released. To view records on older maps scroll down.

Ring of Elysium World Records

The Europa records are still being submitted and will be updated regularly.

Europa Island First Person Perspective Kill Records

Mode Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo 22 Synergy 1/21/2019 Link
Solo vs Duos
Solo vs Squads 28 Diegosaurs 1/21/2019 Link
Duos vs Squads 26 BryaaNz, SnyRoz_ 1/22/2019 Link
Squads 39 BryaaNz, Linky, SnyRoz, EvoliumAlexx 1/21/2019 Link

Europa Island Third Person Perspective Kill Records

Mode Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo 12 PapaParsley 2/17/2019 Link
Solo vs Duos
Solo vs Squads
Duos 23 ANANASH1, SnaakeMcCarty 1/24/2019 Link
Duos vs Squads
Squads 30 Tiramix, Zoupii, Bendero, GreenK 1/18/2019 Link

Ymir First Person Perspective Kill Records

Mode Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo 24 Diegosaurs 12/8/2018 Link
Solo vs Duos 24 VSNZ 10/9/2018 Link
Solo vs Squads 26 Diegosaurs 11/25/2018 Link
Duos 26 PGillner with yaotzin_ 10/2/2018 Link
Duos vs Squads
Squads 35 Liquidz, Raptor, Diego, BryaaNz 1/14/2019 Link

Ymir Third Person Perspective Kill Records

Mode Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo 12 XAYNyROE 12/27/2018 Link
Solo vs Duos
Solo vs Squads 21 chowh1 1/15/2019 Link
Duos 18 weekey94 12/2/2018 Link
Duos vs Squads 26 zzZamf1r, -rJ- 11/29/2018 Link
Squads* 31 AltisTeen, elastiXx, a7eqs 12/9/2018 Link

* The TPP Squads record was set by a trio. If we start to get more trio, record we will add it as a category.

We will continue to update this list as records are set & broken. To submit your record please either post it in the comments below, or share it with us on Twitter: @GameGuideHQ_ – When sharing your record please make sure to leave game mode (solo, squads, etc) and your game type (FPP, or TPP), so we can compare it to the list prior to watching the VOD.


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29 Responses

  1. Weekey94 says:

    Hi! Since there are no record on TPP Duos:
    TPP duos – 18 kills , my teammate had no kills

  2. smookher says:

    30 kill squad fpp world record ?

  3. KpOnee says:


  4. XAYNy says:

    Since there is no record for 3rd person Solo, I will leave my reddit post with screenshot.


  5. rizzze says:

    03:40:49 – end of the video. Duo FPP, PGillner with yaotzin_ made 26 kills.


  6. XAYNy says:


    35 Kill FPP Squad – Love to the Dream Squad

  7. Bendero says:

    30 Kills in Squad TPP in new map :p

  8. Hugo POPYN says:

    hello !! 24 kill 3 man vs squad is good or not ??

  9. DannyB_ says:

    Could you fix it? You wrote 12 kill, but in the proof ss it says 14 😀

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