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Modern Warfare Attachment Screen

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare there are an abundance of weapon attachments players can equip on their weapons. Each of the attachments have pros and cons that effect the way the weapon performs. As shown in the example below some of the pros include changing your movement speed at the cost of recoil control. There are many variations within the attachments, however, one of the main variations people like to know is the aim down sight (ADS) time.

Modern Warfare Attachment Pros & Cons
Modern Warfare Attachment Pros & Cons

ADS time is the amount of time it takes for you to press your ADS button (left trigger on controllers, right click on PC by default) and the weapon to actually be ready and aiming down the sight. Faster ADS time is considered one of the most important stats for a “run and gun” style player. TheXclusiveAce made a YouTube video discussing each of the attachments and how they effect ADS times. Below are the results to help you decide if your favorite weapon attachment is worth it or not.

Optic Sight Attachments

Optics ADS Change
4.0x Flip Hybrid 1
Aim-Op Reflect Sight <1
APX5 Holographic Sight <1
Canted Hybrid 2
Copr Combot Holo Sight <1
Cronen C480 Pro Optic <1
Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex <1
G.I. Mini Reflex <1
Integral Hybrid 2
Merc Themral Optic 4
Monocle Reflex Sight <1
Operator Reflex Sight <1
PBX Holo 7 Sight <1
Scout Combat Optic 2
Sniper Scope 5
Solozero NVG Enhanced 4
Thermal Hybrid 4
Varilable Zoom Scope 5
Viper Reflex Sight <1
VLK 3.0x Optic 1


Under barrel Attachments

Under barrel ADS Change
12 Guage Deputy <1
Bipod 0
Commando Foregrip 0
M203 40mm Concussive <1
M203 40mm Flash <1
M203 40mm High Explosive <1
M203 40mm Incendiary <1
M203 40mm Recon <1
M203 40mm Smokescreen <1
Merc Foregrip <1
Operator Foregrip 2
Ranger Foregrip <1
Tactical Foregrip 0

Muzzle Attachments

Muzzle ADS Change
Breacher Device <1
Compensator <1
Flash Guard 0
Lightweight Suppressor 0
Monolithic Suppressor 1
Muzzle Brake <1
Tactical Suppressor 1

Rear Grip Attachments

Rear Grip ADS Change
Granulated Grip Tape 0
Rubberized Grip 0
Stippled Grip Tape -2

Stock Attachments

Stocks ADS Change
M-16 Stock 0
No Stock -2
Singuard Arms Invador 0

Barrel Attachments

Barrels ADS Change
Corvus Custom Marksman 2
FFS 11.5″ Commando -2
FFS 12.5″ Predator -1
FFS 14.5″ Lite 1
Stock M-16 Grenadier 3

Extended Magazine Attachments

Extended Mags ADS Change
50 Round Mag <1
60 Round Mag <1

Laser Attachments

Laser ADS Change
1 mW Laser 0
5 mW Laser 0
Tac Laser -2

The attachment testing results you see above were completed with the M4A1 assault rifle. The numbers produced are very similar to the results with sub-machine guns and light machine guns. Testing was performed on console, at 60 FPS, meaning that if the result is <1 that there is a slight change but it isn’t noticeable at 60 FPS. However, if you combine two attachments that have <1 as the result you will more than likely notice a change of 1 or greater.

Some Interesting Attachment Stats:

Fastest Possible Combination:  FFS 11.5″ Commando, Strippled Grip Tape, No Stock, Tac Laser (ADS Time: 160ms)

Slowest Possible Combination: Variable Zoom Scope, Monolithic Suppressor, Stock M16 Grenadier,  Operator Foregrip, M16 stock (ADS Time: 584ms)

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