Fortnite Vault’s Infinity Blade, Re-Evaluating Mythic Items

Fortnite Infinity Sword Vaulted

After recent backlash from the Fortnite community, specifically the competitive Fortnite community, Epic Games have decided to vault the Infinity Blade sword. The sword was active for just 3 days before it was vaulted. During those 3 days it received all sorts of criticism, hate and ill comments all over social medias. Epic Games have stated that on initial release that the Infinity Blade sword was “overpowered” and had no “good counters” and that is why they have chose to vault it.

Along with vaulting the Infinity Sword, Fortnite has announced they will re-evaluate their approach to Mythic Items. This doesn’t mean that they won’t add any more, it just means they will take a different approach to adding them in the future. Other games when adding new items often have players test them through either a private invite, or test servers. It is unclear how Epic Games plans to test Mythic Items or if they do intend to test them at all.

Infinity Sword Vaulted – Fortnite Announcement

Infinity Sword Vault Player Reactions

Take a look at some of the most popular streamers and competitors reactions to the news that the Infinity Sword had been vaulted

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