The Mob Join 100 Thieves Content Team

The Mob Join 100 Thieves Content Team

The 100 Thieves organisation appears to be growing very quickly. Just two weeks after announcing their newest content creator Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, 100 Thieves announced that The Mob will be joining their organisation. The Mob will join as content creators and be relocation to Los Angeles where 100 Thieves has headquarters. 100 Thieves looks to harness the unique charisma and passion of the mob and take The Mob’s content to new heights.

Who is “The Mob”? 

For those of you that don’t know, The Mob is a group of 4 guys – Avalanche, Froste, Mako and Classify. The group started off moderating Nadeshot’s (100 Thieves CEO) Twitch chat back in 2013 and have since grown quickly across multiple social medias, most notable Twitter and Twitch. In fact, The Mob’s large social media presence took just an hour before the announcement started trending in the United States according to Rishi Chadha (head of gaming partnerships at Twitter).

The first appearance for The Mob under the 100 Thieves organisation will take at CWL Anaheim this weekend, June 14-16th. Post event, and after the move to Los Angeles it’s not 100% clear what The Mob will be doing. Given the content first strategy of 100 Thieves it’s expected they will be heavily involved in content after the move. From streaming, to videos, to podcasts people are excited for the collaboration of 100 Thieves and The Mob.

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