Gun Course Trials World Record Set by Walker2k

Gun Course Record

Gun Course, one of Modern Warfare’s trials game modes has a new fastest time world record. The record was set on November 17, 2019 roughly a week after the trials mode and gun course was released. Mixer streamer Walker2k, posted a clip of him completing the gun course with an MP7 in 25.6 seconds. The time is the fastest world record recorded on video or live stream.

Gun Course World Record Time (25.6 Seconds)


One part, that may be confusing to new players in the accuracy bonus time reduction. In gun course, you can achieve greater than 100% accuracy by hitting multiple targets with 1 bullet, also known to FPS players as a collateral. Getting collateral target eliminations will allow you to get a bonus time reduction. Therefore, this trial actually took 30.7 seconds, but because of -5.1 second accuracy bonus the ending time was 25.6 seconds. Another part of the trial is that you need to hit all 38 enemy targets. If you fail to eliminate all of the enemy targets, you will be given a time penalty for each one that is missed.

If you are looking to challenge Walker2k’s world record and are unsure about gun course here is the run down. Players can attempt the gun course mode by using a ticket to unlock the trial. Players must be level 55 or higher to attempt any of the trials. In the gun course players select a weapon and eliminate enemy targets as fast as possible. Players attempt to complete the challenge as fast as possible, without hitting any hostage targets. For more information on the “trials” game modes or gun course see our Modern Warfare Trials guide.

If you believe you have set a world record for the fastest time on the gun course in Modern Warfare make sure to submit it to us on Twitter @GameGuideHQ_ We are currently only taking video submissions.

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