Ninja and Stable Ronaldo Drama: Falling Off Incident Explained

Nina & Ronaldo Fell Off Drama

The online gaming community was rocked by the recent drama between popular streamers Ninja and Stable Ronaldo. The feud began when Ninja made comments about Ronaldo’s declining viewership numbers during a drunken stream. Ronaldo, who had previously expressed his admiration for Ninja, did not take kindly to the remarks and fired back with a scathing response.

The drama quickly escalated as fans of both streamers took sides and began to engage in heated debates online. Many criticized Ninja for his comments, calling them disrespectful and uncalled for. Others defended him, arguing that he was simply stating the truth and that Ronaldo needed to improve his content if he wanted to remain relevant in the highly competitive world of online gaming. Despite the controversy, both streamers have continued to attract large audiences, with many fans tuning in to see how the drama will unfold.

Understanding Ninja and Ronaldo Drama

Ninja, whose real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, is a popular streamer and professional gamer known for his skills in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Stable Ronaldo, whose real name is Ronaldo Schemidt, is also a professional gamer and streamer who has gained popularity for his skills in Fortnite.

The drama between the two started when Stable Ronaldo fell off a platform during a game of Fortnite, causing him to lose the game. Ninja, who was watching the game, made a comment about the fall, which Stable Ronaldo took offense to. This led to a heated exchange between the two on social media, with both sides accusing the other of disrespect.

The drama escalated when Stable Ronaldo posted a video of himself losing his temper after the fall, which he claimed was caused by Ninja’s comment. This video went viral, leading to a lot of criticism and ridicule directed at Stable Ronaldo.

While the exact details of the drama remain unclear, it is clear that there is bad blood between the two gamers. Some fans have taken sides, while others have criticized both parties for their behavior.

Overall, the drama between Ninja and Stable Ronaldo highlights the intense competition and pressure that professional gamers face. It also shows how social media can amplify conflicts and lead to a lot of negativity and drama.

The Stable Ronaldo Drama in 2023


Stable Ronaldo, also known as NRG Ronaldo, is a popular Fortnite streamer and professional player. In 2021, he became involved in a drama with fellow streamer Ninja regarding the term “falling off.”

The drama began when Ninja made a comment during a stream about how some streamers have “fallen off” in terms of viewership. Stable Ronaldo took offense to this, believing that Ninja was specifically targeting him.

Stable Ronaldo responded to Ninja’s comments on Twitter, stating that he was “90% sure the word ‘fell off’ was made because of your career.” This led to a back-and-forth between the two streamers, with Ninja defending himself and Stable Ronaldo accusing him of being jealous of his success.


The drama continued to escalate, with Stable Ronaldo losing his cool during a stream and receiving a text message from Ninja. The exact contents of the text message are unknown, but it was enough to make Stable Ronaldo even more upset.

Despite the drama, Stable Ronaldo has continued to be a popular streamer and player in the Fortnite community. He has amassed a large following on Twitch and YouTube, and regularly competes in professional tournaments.

Overall, the drama between Stable Ronaldo and Ninja regarding “falling off” was a heated exchange that garnered attention from fans and other streamers alike. While the two have since moved on from the incident, it remains a notable moment in the Fortnite community.


Updated: Ronaldo has recently even stated that some of Ninja’s closest friends in the industry have reached out to him to tell him how out of line Ninja’s comments were.


Ninja has also stated that he took it to far, and has reached out to Ronaldo privately to apologize.


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