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GameGuideHQ – A global leader in gaming news & guides. We produce unique guides, cheat sheets, patch notes summaries and more for all gamers – from hardcore to casual. GameGuideHQ was founded in 2017 under a different name as a site for friends and family to learn about the games we played.

After we started to see success from various traffic channels we decided it was time to officially launch a site we could be proud of, that is how GameGuideHQ was started. Since then we have grown to a team of 11 gamers that all play a part in our websites day to day operations.Since being created we have gone from just traditional gaming news to post guides, covering gaming streamers and gaming entertainment.

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GameGuideHQ is currently hiring part-time writers to help us create more content and in turn help more gamers. Please send us a DM on Twitter with some of your work, or an email to: admin@gameguiehq.com


Name Picture Title Specialty Twitter
Cord M Owner, CEO Cord has been gaming casually for over 10 years. Starting as a console gamer and moving over towards PC gaming as life went on. Cord has a vast knowledge in shooters, strategy, and competitive games. Cord’s favorite esports to watch are Call of Duty, CS:GO and Overwatch.
Rebecca C Lead Editor Rebecca is a lead writer and editor for GameGuideHQ. Rebecca follows mobile gaming and entertaining streamers.