NRG Dizzy’s Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

Dizzy Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

If you’ve ever watched any of the Apex Legends pro tournaments we are sure you have heard of NRG Dizzy. Dizzy is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world with more than 5,000 kills and more than 1 million damage done. Dizzy has set Apex Legends records, won the first Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament and has a stream growing at an alarming rate with his success.

Dizzy has taken the time to produce an Apex Legends weapons tier list. The tier list is what he believe are the best weapons ranked in order. This is her personal preference when it comes to weapons, but most of the top level players would mostly agree with him. If you are looking to look at weapon stats to figure out which weapon works for you we have put together an Apex Legends weapons stats chart.

Dizzy’s Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

Dizzy Apex Legends Weapon Tier List
Dizzy Apex Legends Weapon Tier List
  • S-Tier: Wingman, Mastiff, Kraber
  • A-Tier: Spitfire, Flatline, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, R-99
  • B-Tier: G7 Scout, Longbow, Devotion, Hemlok, Prowler, R-301
  • C-TierAlternator, RE-45, Triple Take
  • F-Tier: P2020, Mozambique

S-Tier is the best tier all the way down to F-Tier which is the worst. The only different other top player have argued is that the R-301 may actually be in A-Tier. What if your personal Apex Legends weapon tier list?

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