Apex Legends Weapon Damage, Headshot Damage and DPS Statistics

Apex Legends is a free battle royale game released by Respawn. The game features fast paced action where players try to be the last team standings while eliminating their opponents. After deploying into the open world players will try and find gear, and weapons. In total their are currently 19 weapons broken down into 6 different weapon types. Those six weapon types are snipers, light machine guns, pistols, sub machine guns, assault rifles and shotguns. Each weapon has different range, fire rate and damage but they all have the same objective and that is to help you eliminate your opponents.

Another part of each weapon is the head shot multiplier. A head shot multiplayer takes the weapons base damage, and multiplies it when you get a head shot. Most, not all, of the weapons in Apex Legends have a 2X head shot multiplier. For example, if you hit a player in the body with a Kraber it will do 125 damage, but if you hit them in the head it will do 250 damage to the player.

Apex Legends DPS, Weapon Damage & Head Shot Multipliers
Apex Legends DPS, Weapon Damage & Head Shot Multipliers – Source

Reddit user, H16658050N, took the time to calculate and graph each weapons base damage, headshot damage, and damage per second based on fire rate, magazine size and damage. The bottom color on each bar is the weapons base damage, the upper color in the amount of damage the weapon will do with a head shot, and the green line graph is the weapons DPS. As you can see the Kraber and Mastiff can do massive amounts of damage compared to the other weapons in their respective categories.

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Class Weapon Ammo Base Damage Head Shot Damage DPS RPM
Sniper Kraber .50-cal SR Kraber 50 Cal 125 250 105 36
Sniper Triple Take Energy 69 138 105 88
Sniper Longbow DMR Heavy 55 110 75 86
Sniper G7 Scout Light 30 60 140 273
Light Machine Gun Devotion LMG Energy 17 34 205 900
Light Machine Gun M600 Spitfire Heavy 20 40 170 512
Pistol Wingman Heavy 45 90 155 205
Pistol P2020 Light 12 18 100 430
Pistol RE-45 AUTO Light 11 16 140 750
Sub Machine Gun Prowler Burst PDW Heavy 14 21 175 800
Sub Machine Gun Alternator SMG Light 13 19 125 640
Sub Machine Gun R-99 SMG Light 12 18 220 1080
Assault Rifle Hemlok Burst AR Heavy 18 24 145 490
Assault Rifle VK-47 Flatline Heavy 16 32 160 600
Assault Rifle R-301 Carbine Light 14 28 180 720
Shotgun Mastiff Shotgun Mastiff 144 288 240 96
Shotgun EVA-8 AUTO Shell 63 90 140 128
Shotgun Peacekeeper Shell 110 165 105 58
Shotgun Mozambique Shell 45 66 140 180

If you were to base the “best Apex Legends weapons” on DPS alone it would go as follows:

  • Best Sniper Rifle: Kraber
  • Best LMG: Devotion
  • Best Pistol: Wingman
  • Best SMG: R-99
  • Best Assault Rifle: R-301
  • Best Shotgun: Mastiff

Those are just based on DPS, if you were to include your accuracy into the equation that may change things. It’s always best to get a feel for each weapon and make a decision for yourself.


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