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PUBG Snow Map “Vikendi” Leaked – Map Overlay

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is set to release a new map this winter. The map is said to be a 6×6 small map that features close quarters combat on a snowy terrain. The map has been...

OpTic Gaming Release PUBG Team

OpTic Gaming have announced that they will be releasing their PUBG team prior to the start of the National PUBG League (NPL). 

PUBG Leaked Christmas and Streamer Skins

Take a look at the leaked Christmas skins for PUBG. Skins for streamers “Lil Lexi” and “Lumi” have also been data-mined and leaked.

PUBG is Coming to PS4, Release Date & More Info

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Playstation 4. The battle royale game known as PUBG is officially being released on PlayStation 4 this holiday season. PUBG has been out on Xbox One and PC for roughly...

PUBG Launches on FACEIT

FACEIT Competitive PUBG Matches, Tournaments & Leagues

FACEIT, one of the largest competitive gaming communites, has added PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to their client. The PUBG – FACEIT client platform will include leagues & ladders, advanced stats, anti-cheat and region lock. FACEIT is a...

PUBG Creator dearsomeone Stepping Down

One of the top PUBG content creators, dearsomeone announced on his YouTube channel that he is going to quit creating content. Dearsomeone’s YouTube channel was devoted to bringing the top level PUBG content to fans,...