PUBG PlayStation 4 Game Play Leaks Prior to Launch on December 7th

Gameplay of PUBG on PlayStation 4 has leaked prior to the games December 7th launch. The much anticipated battle royale game is set to make it’s debut on PlayStation 4 almost a year after it’s release on Xbox One. However, prior to the games launch game play has been leaked.

PUBG Playstation 4 Game Play Leaked

With just two days until the full release players have found a way to get on to PUBG early. Players have reported that if you have a hard copy of the disc and you insert it you will be prompted to download a 33 GB update. After the update the game will be playable, however, the online servers will be empty.

PUBG on PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

If you compare the leaked game play of PlayStation 4 to that of Xbox One you will find some of the same sluggishness still exists. The game takes a while to render objects on both consoles, but in this lobby with no players it did load much faster on PlayStation than it does on Xbox. Once the game fully releases players will be able to compare apples to apples with full lobbies. The menu appears to be the same on both consoles.

The front and back cover for PUBG on the PS4. Image from: u/Tastes-Jammy
The front and back cover for PUBG on the PS4. Image from: u/Tastes-Jammy

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