PUBG Creator dearsomeone Stepping Down

One of the top PUBG content creators, dearsomeone announced on his YouTube channel that he is going to quit creating content. Dearsomeone’s YouTube channel was devoted to bringing the top level PUBG content to fans, with no monetization, no sponsorship’s, just clean gameplay. The YouTuber says he has “turned down dozens of sponsorship opportunities to keep these videos as clean as possible.”

As of writing this the YouTube videos have amassed 8.1 million views and netted dearsomeone close to 150,000 subscribers. The general content in the videos are highlights, and montages of top clips and awesome plays. You can view the YouTube channel here.

The full announcement can be viewed below:

dearsomeone PUBG content creator steps down
dearsomeone PUBG content creator steps down

After 16 months of swimming in an ocean of PUBG footage every single day, I’m calling it quits.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to send in clips. These videos would not exist if it wasn’t for you. I never stopped using copyrighted music and attempted to ear ad revenue off of your content. I turned down dozens of sponsorship opportunities to keep these videos as clean as possible. I wanted to do something that celebrated our community and this game we all love/hate. As a bonus I hope I was also able to provide some entertainment.

There’s always a chance I’ll be back with  more uploads. Or maybe I won’t be. Either way I hope you know how much I’ve appreciated you tuning into this channel and seeing what I’m up to.

I’ll see you around.

Jon (aka dearsomeone)


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