Ring of Elysium Patch Notes – November 25, 2018

The latest Ring of Elysium patch has been released on November 25, 2018.

The patch contains the “Sheriff’s Thanksgiving Present” which is the Ring of Elysium Thanksgiving event. The event will run from 11/25/2018 through 12/2/2018. During the event players will be reward with 3 cards that are waiting to be flipped. Each card flipped will give you access to a reward such as Icon styles, E-Points, Adventurer Badges, Cosmetics, Experience points and more!

The patch also includes a new game type called “Training Games”. Training games is a place where new players can go to shoot at bots and learn how to play the game. Training game will allow players to familiarize themselves with the controls and movements in Ring of Elysium.

The final part of the update contains optimizations for client side CPU and bug fixes. The full patch notes are listed below.

Events related
  • The “Sheriff’s Thanksgiving Present” event is now opened!
    • During the event period (Nov. 25th to Dec. 2th, PST), there will be 3 Thanksgiving cards waiting for players to be flipped, each card can only be flipped once, and each card will yield one reward
    • Card rewards includes the Thanksgiving exclusive Icon styles, E-Points, Adventurer Badges, Cosmetics, Experience points and more!


  • Added the Thanksgiving exclusive Icon styles for Lynn, Gavin and Hikage, which can be obtained by chance in the Thanksgiving event


New mechanism – Training games
  • We will be adding a few “Training games” with Bots for the new-coming players, with more space and opportunities to learn and get familiar with ROE’s basics and different unique mechanics. If players perform outstandingly in the training games, they may finish this training stage early and be placed directly in normal games
  • After the Training games, if players have a relatively low rating, a small number of Bots will be added into their games in order to help them get the practices they need. Once players’ rating gets higher, they will stop encountering Bots completely
Please note: We absolutely guarantee that experienced players in Ring of Elysium will not encounter any Bots in their games.


  • Optimized the client’s CPU performance


  • Added the 100 E-Points and 500 E-Points payment options


Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally after switching weapons, the selected weapon showed on the UI didn’t match players’ actual weapon they are holding
  • Fixed an issue which caused model glitches on Lynn and Hikage
  • Fixed an issue where snow textures were shown incorrectly on the turkey airdrops
  • Fixed an issue where some of the UI interactions in the game lobby was shown incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where some text prompts’ length exceeded the dialog box
  • Fixed a client crash caused by switching tabs in the game lobby
  • Fixed a client start-up crash caused by MSVCR100.dll

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