OpTic Gaming Release International Teams

OpTic Brasil, Mexico, SEA Released

OpTic Gaming have released their international rosters. The international rosters that were released are OpTic Brasil, OpTic SEA, and OpTic Mexico. The recent disaster which has been the Infinite Esports & Entertainment takeover of OpTic Gaming has led to many layoffs, and now teams and content creators being let go as well.

Just last week the OpTic India CSGO roster was released after player “f0rsaken” was caught cheating live on stage at a tournament. After “f0rsaken” was caught cheating the president of OpTic Gaming, “OpTic J”, went on the Richard Lewis podcast stating that he was going to turn OpTic Gaming around, and return to their roots. This appears to be part 1 of J’s intricate plan to return OpTic Gaming to it’s friendly, winning, and content driven roots. The international teams felt like “just another team” and “I had no idea they were apart of OpTic” fans have said. With the release, it appears that OpTic will be cutting financial costs of having international teams to serve those funds towards their current “top level” esports teams.

OpTic’s International Teams Released:

OpTic Brasil

OpTic Brasil was an all female CS:GO roster. The roster had just started seeing success after winning the Game Experience 2018 female CS:GO tournament. Followed up by another first place finish at the Brasil Game Cup Female 2018 tournament.



OpTic SEA was composed of content creators from the SEA region. With the core of OpTic being in English speaking countries this was used as a test to see how far the brand could expand.


OpTic Mexico

OpTic Mexico consisted of a pro Gears of War team. This was OpTic Gaming’s second Gears of War roster. The OpTic Mexico Gears of War team was considered by some the best team in Mexico, and one of the top 5 Gears of War teams overall.


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