Modern Warfare November 19 Patch Notes, 725 Nerfs & Bug Fixes

The AUG has been buffed in Modern Warfare

A new update has been released for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The November 19 Modern Warfare update contains changes and improvements for many parts of the game. Some things that the update has changed are the 725 and Model 680 shotguns as well as the AUG sub machine gun. The update also contains general fixes, ground war changes and mission / challenge unlock fixes.

The major part of the update that players are going to focus on is the shotgun nerfs and AUG buffs. Recently, Modern Warfare has been getting a lot of flack for how powerful the shotguns are, mostly the 725 shotgun. The new update looks to change the 725 by nerfing (reducing) it’s base weapon damage, hip fire spread, hip fire damage, and reducing the damage range added by it’s attachments.

725 Shotgun in Modern Warfare
725 Shotgun in Modern Warfare

Not only was the 725 shotgun nerfed, the Model 680 was as well. The Model 680 had a slight reduction of damage range with all range extending attachments. Meaning, if you used the weapon without attachments it will feel the same as before. However, you will notice a difference if you used range extending attachments.

The final weapon that was adjusted in this update is the AUG sub machine gun. Over the first few weeks the AUG has under performed compared to the other sub machine guns. In this update, the AUG has had its close range damage increased as well as it’s mid damage range increased. With the two buffs, the AUG’s chest multiplier has been reduced.

The second part of the update that will have players excited is another fix for the missions & challenges. Previously, they implemented fixes for challenges and it repaired part of the problem. However, there were still a long list of challenges that were not working. According to today’s update, all of the challenges have been fixed and are now working as intended. (A complete list of the fixed challenges is in the complete patch notes below)

November 19 Modern Warfare Patch Notes


  • Special Operations: Fix for an issue where a player would see no objective after retrying a mission after spectating (Operation Paladin)
  • CDL: Fix for rulesets in Search and Destroy where Field Upgrades were disabled
  • Fix for an exploit where players could duplicate their killstreaks (“Fix for various exploits”)
  • Fix for the “Blue V” Optic challenge not displaying the proper text description
  • Fix misspelling of “trophy”

Ground War:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the filter on the respawn selection screen to stay on screen when spawning back in
  • Fix for an issue where the Select Loadout screen would keep reappearing after already selecting a loadout and attempting to spawn back in


The following challenges have been fixed:

  • “Infiltrator”
  • “Warrior’s Code”
  • “Aggression”
  • “Dominator”
  • “Munitions”
  • Officer progression “Launch Destroys”
  • Officer progression “Heartbreaker”
  • Officer progression ”Precision Airstrike”
  • Officer progression: “Karma”
  • Officer progression “Close and Personal”


  • AUG 5.56 Caliber conversion
    • Increasing close range damage
    • Increasing mid damage range and reduced chest multiplier
  • 725
    • Small reduction to base weapon damage range
    • Significantly reduced the damage range added by attachments
    • Small hips spread increase
    • Reduced effective damage at the hip
  • Model 680: Slight reduction of damage range with all range-extending attachments

Patch notes were released by Infinity Ward community manager Ashton Vulcan on the Modern Warfare subreddit.

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