Laser Sights Fixed in Modern Warfare’s Latest Patch Notes

A minor update has been released for Call of Duty Modern Warfare on November 25, 2019. The update contains fixes for bugs that appeared in the latest major Modern Warfare update. The update does not contain any new content, or any of the major changes players are looking for. However, it is a minor step in the right direction in fixing the game in general.

The patch notes were released by Infinity Ward on Reddit after the patch went live on all platforms. The patch is estimated to be roughly 10GB to align with all of the previous Modern Warfare patches.

11/25/2019 Patch Notes


  • Allowing up to 4-player parties in Gun Game
  • Moving FFA to the Filter menu
  • Fixing join in progress for FFA to prevent finding late-progress matches
  • Turning off spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint


  • Removed infils for both teams when loading into Piccadilly, Search and Destroy
  • Fix for a bug where the thermal optic on the PP19 Bizon would appear white while ADS
  • Fix for the E.O.D. perk not allowing players to hack claymores in FFA
  • Fix for various boosting and out of bounds exploits
  • Fix for laser sights becoming misaligned on the P90 and MP5
  • Special Operations: Minor adjustment to difficulty

The first part of the patch notes cover “what’s new” to Modern Warfare. Of the 4 things that are “new”, realistically none of it is new. They are all 4 changes to improve the quality of life of the game. They have adjusted the max party size to 4 players in gun game, moved free for all to the filter menu, fixed free for all matches so you don’t join when they’re almost over, and turned off the spawn cameras for headquarters and hardpoint.

As for the second part, general fixes, some minor changes have been made. The most noticeable change that was made is to the laser sights. After the latest major update, laser sights never aligned correctly and appeared on players screen almost at random as shown in the image below. However, after the latest patch laser sights should now be aligning correctly.

Laser Sights Broken After Modern Warfare Update
Laser Sights Broken After Modern Warfare Update

The small patch is a step in the right direction. However, there is no communication on the major issues Call of Duty players are looking to have addressed. There is no mention of skill based match making, new maps, the mini-map, and other various changes the community has been asking for.

Another bug that was introduced in the latest update is the random times where players spawn in mid air. This bug was introduced with the last update and has not been acknowledged by Infinity Ward. To see the mid-air spawn bug take a look at the clip below provided by Reddit user 7ofer

[deleted by user]
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