How To Unlock All 12 Hunter Masks in The Division 2

The Division 2 currently features 12 different Hunter’s masks that players able to unlock. The masks are cosmetic face masks that add an all new level of customization to your character. Once you have unlocked and collected the masks you will able to view them hanging on the wall at the base of operations (white house). Players are able to equip and wear all 12 of the masks as they are unlocked.

All of the masks besides the Demon mask will need to be unlocked at night. Night time in The Division 2 starts at 7 PM and ends at 5 AM. There are two different ways to check the time in The Division 2. The first, is to press ESC (to open your menu) and then F to go into photo mode where it will display the time. The second, is the visit the Washington Monument and use the sundial.

The masks are one of the few customization players can add to their character. Another are weapon dye’s which can be found by opening the orange dye crates from the orange dye crate locations guide.

Unlock Crimson Mask

  1. Go to the building south of District Union Arena stronghold.
  2. Go to the center of the complex and face south.
  3. Go inside the building and interact with a computer.
  4. Turn around and head back north, go across the clearing, and into the building.
  5. Interact with another computer.
  6. Hunter will spawn in the clearing. Kill it for Crimson Mask.

Unlock Demon Mask

  1. Head to demolition site control point.
  2. Go to the north east corner of the building directly east of the control point.
  3. Go down the escalators.
  4. Navigate your way through the mall and then go up the escalators.
  5. Keep going until you are in an open area (center of building now).
  6. Look for a yellow tarp to climb up to the garden.
  7. Face west (not east) and you’ll see 4 targets.
  8. Shoot them in any order.
  9. Kill the hunter that spawns for the Demon mask.

Unlock Wraith Mask

  1. Head to the south of Capitol Hill.
  2. Look for a small square pool.
  3. Shoot out the light.
  4. Step out of the pool.
  5. Look at the memorial wall and salute it.
  6. Kill the hunter that spawns for the Wraith mask.

Unlock Ghoul Mask

  1. Fast travel to Lincoln Memorial.
  2. Go north and into the first sewer entrance.
  3. Head north, up the stairs and interact with the laptop on your left.
  4. Travel back to Lincoln Memorial.
  5. Head east to the resource node.
  6. Shoot out the flickering yellow light bulb.
  7. Kill the hunter that spawns for the Ghoul mask.

Unlock Midas and Revenant Mask

  1. Fast travel to Potomac Event Center.
  2. Head west, along the event center.
  3. Go up the small green stairs and into the open area.
  4. Stand in the middle of the pool.
  5. Emote ‘Jumping Jack’.
  6. Kill the two hunters that spawn for the Midas and Revenant mask.

Unlock Cross, Death, Diamond and Phantom Mask

This is the hardest part. You will fight four hunters at once. You can pull them towards other mobs so they are kept busy in various engagements while you take them out 1 by 1.

  1. Travel to ViewPoint Museum.
  2. Head south west towards the park.
  3. You’ll see a Christmas tree.
  4. Head west of the tree, into the building and interact with a lever.
  5. Go back to the Christmas tree and run circles around it.
  6. Four hunters will spawn.
  7. Good luck.

Unlock Ghost and Specter Mask

This is the most frustrating and time consuming part. Each failure means you have to wait another in-game night time.

  1. Have control of Washington Monument. If not, take it over.
  2. Go down to the supply room.
  3. Hit the blue button that’s below the TV.
  4. Go to the 3 areas indicated by the TV and look for marked graves.
  5. At each grave, face the monument and emote ‘Salute’. You will see a slight UI distortion when successful.
  6. Go back to the supply room and hit the button again.
  7. You will see a Division Circle on the TV screen. This is a check point. Any time you fail to kill the hunter, you have to come back here the next night and hit the button again.
  8. Two hunters will spawn around the monument.
  9. They will not engage you in fights and will run away when they spot you or get hit.
  10. Ghost Hunter will disappears immediately so he needs to be killed in 1 hit.
  11. Specter Hunter will run and jump off the roof so you have a few seconds to kill him.
  12. Ghost Hunter can be consistently found on a shipping container located at the resource node north west of the monument.
  13. Specter Hunter can be found squatting on roof tops around the monument, mainly to the north and north east area. Use the UI distortion as a way to track them down. (Your UI becomes distorted when you are near a hunter).
  14. Kill them for the Ghost and Specter mask!

Source: Reddit – toilet_drake_hs


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