Every Mirage Skin in Apex Legends

Mirage is the kind of guy who likes to stand out. The youngest of four brothers, he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. The one thing he took seriously was Holo-Pilot technology: introduced to the illusion-creating tech by his engineer mother, he pored over the mechanisms and learned all he could about them. Even when his brothers went MIA during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop holo devices, and the work brought them closer.

While working as a bartender to make ends meet, Mirage heard amazing stories from his patrons about the Apex Games and the wealth and glory that came with victory. As good as both of those sounded, he knew he couldn’t risk leaving his mother childless – until she gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. Mirage is now the life of the Apex Games, outwitting opponents and charming audiences across the Outlands.

Mirage Legendary Skins

Mirage - The Revenger

Mirage – The Revenger

Mirage - Ghost Machine

Mirage – Ghost Machine

Mirage - Angel City Hustler

Mirage – Angel City Hustler

Mirage - The Prestige

Mirage – The Prestige

Mirage Epic Skins

Mirage - Fiber Optics

Mirage – Fiber Optics

Mirage - Glowing Viral

Mirage – Glowing Viral

Mirage - Hack the System

Mirage – Hack the System

Mirage - Heat Sync

Mirage – Heat Sync

Mirage - Neural Net

Mirage – Neural Net

Mirage Rare Skins

Mirage - Death Adder

Mirage – Death Adder

Mirage - Urban Legend

Mirage – Urban Legend

Mirage - Hypnotic

Mirage – Hypnotic

Mirage - Hieroglyph

Mirage – Hieroglyph

Mirage - Tartan Fleece

Mirage – Tartan Fleece

Mirage - Mint Condition

Mirage – Mint Condition

Mirage - Convergence

Mirage – Convergence

Mirage - Tie Dye

Mirage – Tie Dye

Mirage - Woodland Warfare

Mirage – Woodland Warfare

Mirage - Sizzle Reel

Mirage – Sizzle Reel

Mirage - Sweet 16

Mirage – Sweet 16

Mirage - Super Rad

Mirage – Super Rad

Mirage - Unicornucopia

Mirage – Unicornucopia

Mirage - Gone Bananas

Mirage – Gone Bananas

Mirage - Flower Power

Mirage – Flower Power

Mirage Common Skins

Mirage - Sahara

Mirage – Sahara

Mirage - Rage

Mirage – Rage

Mirage - Hydro

Mirage – Hydro

Mirage - Skyward

Mirage – Skyward

Mirage - Yellowjacket

Mirage – Yellowjacket

Mirage - Limelight

Mirage – Limelight

Mirage - Evergreen

Mirage – Evergreen

Mirage - Vino

Mirage – Vino

Mirage - Clearwater

Mirage – Clearwater

Mirage - Flamingo

Mirage – Flamingo

Mirage - Orchid

Mirage – Orchid

Mirage - Mandarin

Mirage – Mandarin

Mirage - Arctic

Mirage – Arctic

Mirage - Cardinal

Mirage – Cardinal

Mirage - Midnight

Mirage – Midnight

Mirage - Original

Mirage – Original

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