Every Legend’s Skin in Apex Legends, All Character Skins

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale with playable characters known as Legends. Currently there are 8 playable legends, 6 which come free and 2 of which are unlocked with legend tokens. At launch, each legends was released with 40 skins with more on the way. Of the 40 skins each legend has 4 legendary skins, 5 epic skins, 15 rare skins, and 16 common skins. All skins can be unlocked through Apex Packs, or through in game currency known as crafting metals.

Apex Pack Drop Rates
Apex Pack Drop Rates

To get crafting metals you must purchase Apex Packs. If you open an Apex Pack that contains a skin you already have you will be rewarded crafting metals. Legendary skins cost 1200 crafting metals, epic skins cost 400 crafting metals, rare skins cost 60 crafting metals, and lastly common skins cost 30 crafting metals.

Additional skins will be added throughout the games life cycle. Some skins will be rewarded from the battle pass, while others may be added from sponsorships like Twitch Prime.

Select your character below to view their skins

Every Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Every Gibraltar Skin in Apex Legends
Every Lifeline Skin in Apex Legends
Every Pathfinder Skin in Apex Legends
Every Octane Skin in Apex Legends
Every Wraith Skin in Apex Legends
Every Bangalore Skin in Apex Legends
Every Caustic Skin in Apex Legends
Every Mirage Skin in Apex Legends

New characters and skins are constantly being added. We will update each character with their skins when they are released.

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