Complete Blackout Weapons List, Best Guns in Call of Duty Blackout

Best Weapons in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Blackout features an extensive list of weapons from the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 title. We have put together a complete list of all weapons in Blackout as well as selected some of our favorites. We have also selected which weapon we believe is the best weapon in Blackout. Combine a great weapon with some of the best perks in Blackout can have you on your way to winning a game of Call of Duty Battle Royale.

Best Weapons in Call of Duty Blackout:

It is good to note that everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to weaponry. This list is based upon which weapon has good accuracy, high damange and the “overall” feel of best weapon in its class.

  • Best Assault Rifle in Blackout: Maddox RFB
  • Best Tactical Rifle in Blackout: Auger DMR
  • Best SMG (Submachine Gun) in Blackout: GKS
  • Best LMG (Lightmachine Gun) in Blackout: Titan Operator
  • Best Shotgun in Blackout: SG12
  • Best Sniper Rifle in Blackout: Paladin HB5D
  • Best Pistol in Blackout: Strife

Complete List of Weapons in Blackout:

All Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Blackout:

Majority of players will always try and carry an assault rifle in their load outs. They are the cornerstone to every Blackout load out. Assault rifles pair well with weapons from any of the other categories.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Maddox RFB 5.56mm 40 Possibly the best assault rifle in Blackout. High damage and solid accuracy.
Vapr XKG 5.56mm 35 Somewhat weak damage wise, but a large magazine and high accuracy balance it out.
Rampart 17 7.62mm 25 High damage, slow fire rate. Better to slow burst or single shot this weapon at range.
KN-57 7.62mm 35 Middle of the pack in damage, accuracy, and fire rate. This gun is similar to the AK-47 from other shooter games.
ICR-7 5.56mm 30 Most accurate assault rifle in Blackout. However, to compensate for the very high accuracy you are going to do less damage.
GRAV 5.56mm 35 Slightly below average assault rifle in Blackout. This is similar to the Galil from other Call of Duty titles.

All Tactical Rifles in Call of Duty Blackout: 

Tactical Rifles are used for long range, almost like a sniper rifle. If you have good accuracy and a decent range they are slightly better than assault rifles. However, if you miss your shot to somebody up close it’s almost impossible to win the engagement.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Swordfish 5.56mm 40 Burst rifle that fires 4 bullets at once. A lot more accurate when you shoot it standing still. When you move your bust is less accurate and in turn will do less damage than if you were shooting an assault rifle and moving.
ABR 223 5.56mm 30 Very similar to the Swordfish. Comes with an optic sight already mounted on the rifle.
Auger DMR 7.62mm 20 Solid damage compared to other tactical rifles. Comes with an optic sight already mounted on the rifle. Best to slowly fire at enemies at range.
Essex Model 07 7.62mm 5 Essentially the KAR98 from previous Call of Duty titles. Slow firing, medium damage & you can not attach any attachments to it.

All SMG (Submachine Guns) in Call of Duty Blackout: 

SMG’s (Submachine Guns) are best used in close quarters. They are ideal for holding tight spaces or clearing rooms that you think an enemy may be camping in.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Cordite 9mm 60 A little more recoil than the other SMG’s but it does have a large clip that will help you eventually win engagements.
GKS 9mm 36 The best SMG in blackout. Low recoil which means high accuracy for your close quarters engagements.
MX9 .45 cal 35 Probably the 2nd best submachine gun. Good for hip firing narrow rooms and hall ways. High rate of fire that has a small spread for hip-firing.
SAUG 9mm 36 The worst SMG is Call of Duty Blackout. Essentially a very low damage, high fire rate, automatic pistol.
MP40 9mm 32 The MP40 has been staple in Black Ops games for a while. Old-school, weapon that rewards players for good accuracy with decent damage.

All LMG (Lightmachine Guns) in Call of Duty Blackout: 

LMG’s (Lightmachine Guns) are somewhat viable in Call of Duty Blackout with the use of vehicles and the somewhat low recoil they have compared to past Call of Duty’s. The Lightmachine guns have massive clips for more of a spray and pray type of player. So far, there are only 2 light machine guns in Call of Duty Blackout.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Zweihander 7.62mm 75 This light machine gun can only be found in a mystery stash, or by killing zombies in Blackout. It’s a double barreled weapon that sends out a ton of bullets but is not very accurate.
Titan Operator 7.62mm 75 Slow rate of fire, but very accurate. Does a ton of damage to players and vehicles.

All Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Blackout:

Sniper rifles have been in almost every first person shooter since the beginning. The reward of hitting somebody at long range is just too thrilling and they make a great addition to any load out in Call of Duty Blackout.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Koshka .338 Cal 8 This bolt action sniper rifle does less damage than it’s competitor the Paladin HB5D. However, it does have a higher rate of fire.
Paladin HB5D .50 Cal 6 The best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Blackout. This sniper will only take one bullet if you are able to hit a player in the head who does not have level 3 armor. Slow shooting, so make your shots count.

All Shotguns in Call of Duty Blackout: 

Shotguns are very powerful in Blackout. If you are able to get close enough to an opponent they can deal a great amount of damage. However, if an enemy picks up armor, the damage falloff is great. They are best to use early game prior to an enemy looting armor.

Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
MOG12 12 Guage 4 Pump shotgun that shoots slower than the SG12 but does slightly more damage.
SG12 12 Guage 6 Automatic shotgun that forgives players who don’t have the best accuracy. Still does a ton of damage for how fast it can shoot.


Best Pistol in Call of Duty Blackout:

Pistols are by far the weakest weapon in Call of Duty Blackout. The only exception is the ray gun, which actually does quite a bit of damage. The problem with the ray gun is there is no way to pick up  more ammo for it – once you’re out of ammo, you’re out!


Weapon Name Ammo Type Magazine Size Details
Strife .45 Cal 20 Semi-automatic pistol that can be shot quickly. This pistol will allow you to be less accurate than the Mozu, but it does significantly less damage.
Mozu .45 Cal 6 Very slow firing pistol that only rewards accuracy. Could be the best pistol, however, for it to be considered the best you have to insanely accurate. High damage, small clip size.
Ray Gun ?? 20 To get the ray gun you will have to either collect it from a mystery stash, or get lucky and loot it off of a zombies body. The ray gun does a surprising amount of damage. However, if you run out of ammo there is no refilling it.

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