Call of Duty Blackout Perks List (Best Perks in Black Ops 4)

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 game mode Blackout feature perks that can be picked up and then equipped. Each perk has different abilities that have different features to keep you alive, help you loot, and improve your quality of game play. Each perk takes up 1 inventory slot. You can activate these perks while moving. However, you can only activate one at a time. Once the other is active you can begin activating your next one to have a max of 6 total at once. Each perk lasts a certain amount of time before it expires, they do not last the entire match.

Complete list of Call of Duty Blackout Perks:

  • Awareness – Enemy footsteps are louder. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 120]
    • One of the better perks in the game right now. Being able to hear your enemies approaching you from further than normal distances gives you a solid advantage.
  • Brawler – Increase melee damage – Gain 50 health for each successful melee attack. [Time to Equip: 1 | Duration: 240]
    • This sounds like a great perk, and it might help you early game. However, as most players know melee rarely comes into play with the amount of weapons that spawn off the start.
  • Consumer – Reduces the time of health and consumable items by 50% [Time to Equip: 1 | Duration: 300]
    • This is a strong perk if you are currently in an engagement. It usually works best when in medium to long range fights there you are poking eachother. In between damaging your opponent and taking damage yourself it will help you heal faster. It is also one of the longest lasting perks in Blackout.
  • Dead Silence – Move quietly. Make less noise when opening stashes. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 240]
    • Along with awareness this is another one of the best perks in the game. It allows you to move quietly and sneak up on your opponents. However, enemies can still hear you if they have awareness or you are sprinting at full speed.
  • Engineer – Reveals nearby vehicles and enemy equipment. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 240]
    • By allowing you to reveal nearby vehicles and enemy equipment you are given a couple small advantages. If you are sneaking into a house where an enemy may have placed barbed wire or trip mines this may be helpful. Or if you are stuck outside the zone fighting a team and need to get a vehicle to make it back into the zone it may also help there.
  • Iron Lungs – Increase steady time on sniper and tactical rifles and breath time underwater. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 300]
    • Great perk if you have a sniper or actively seeking long range engagements. The breathing underwater helps, but isn’t really that big of a bonus.
  • Looter – Reveals nearby stashes and loot items. [Time to Equip: 3 | Durating: 120]
    • One of the best perks to equip right off the start. It allows you to see loot and enemy stashes through walls, allowing to find weapons and grenades a lot faster.
  • Medic – Heal faster and revive faster. Healing items restore more health. Down allies are revived with increased health. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 240]
    • This is a great perk if you are only slightly in cover and your team mate keeps getting knocked down. Instead of them getting up with very little health you are able to revive them with enough health to hopefully absorb 1 or 2 bullets to get to cover.
  • Mobility – Move and swap weapons faster. Take no fall damage. Fire weapons and use Equipment while sprinting. Move faster when reloading. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 300]
    • Pretty strong perk that gives you a lot of advantages. The top one being that you don’t take fall damage. So if you need to jump out of a three story building go right ahead.
  • Outlander – Reduces damage and increases movement speed outside collapse. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 180]
    • Great perk if you are outside of the zone. However, inside of the zone it is completely worthless.
  • Paranoia – Receive an audible alert when an enemy is targeting you while in ADS. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 240]
    • This perk has potential to be great with a slight rework. However, by the time you get the audio notification you are more than likely already being shot.
  • Reinforced – Reduces damage from explosions and fire. Increase resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire. [Time to Equip: 3 | Duration 240]
    • Good perk to have late game. Enemies are more likely to use throwables late game, and this may help you survive them better.
  • Skulker – Move faster while crouched and prone. [Time to Equip: 3 | Duration: 180]
    • Great perk to sneak up on your enemy. Even better when equipped with dead silence. You will be able to crouch walk up on enemies a lot faster and hopefully catch them off guard.
  • Squad Link – See teammates through walls. [Time to Equip: 2 | Duration: 120]
    • Some people are having trouble determining the difference between enemy and friendly foot steps. If you are one of those players this may help you as you can see your team mate through he wall. Otherwise, this perk isn’t very beneficial.

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