xQc Shares Opinion on Females in Esports

xQc is most known for his Overwatch game play and various outrageous clips, and at one point in time might have been equally as popular as the Overwatch League. After his recent return to the game that he once played professionally, Overwatch, he was asked about the “Ellie” situation. For those that aren’t aware of the “Overwatch Ellie” situation it is where a top ranked male player chose the name “Ellie” and had a female talk over the headset for him. The entire situation sparked multiple different arguments, but one of the major arguments is that “There isn’t enough females in professional esports”. xQc responded to the argument by saying the below

Source: xQc Twitch

 What I’ve realized is I have a dislike for anybody or people on Twitter who keep saying the sentence “There’s not enough girls in esports, we need more girl players, it’s like there’s not enough, what the fuck.” The problem is not that there is not enough girls, the problem is that the girls are being bottle necked by the trash community and the garbage culture around gamers that prevent them from walking forward, that prevent them, that stop them from going further and thriving. They bottleneck them, that’s the real problem. But if you use the argument and say “there’s not enough girls”, and overly include them it does the exact opposite of what the goal you’re trying to reach in the first place.

So far, there are many females in esports. However, majority of them are not competing at a professional level they are mostly broadcast talent, behind the scenes or in other roles. Currently there is only one female out of the 15 million females that play Overwatch. What do you think is the real problem? How can women reach the professional level in major esports?


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