Twitch Streamer With Tourette’s Sweet Anita Goes Viral

Sweet Anita is a Twitch streamer with acute tourette’s syndrome who has gone viral this past week. Sweet Anita has amassed almost 100,000 followers on Twitch in the month of October alone. Sweet Anita embraces her tourette’s syndrome by often laughing it off and going about her stream.

Most recently she went viral for her clip of her answering one of her viewers questions about “why she doesn’t play other games?”. The clip has gotten over 1 million views and was on the front page of the subreddit “/r/Videos”.

Sweet Anita’s twitch channel has been growing quickly. Her channel started to go viral on Wednesday October 17, 2018. Once the stream went viral she was gaining 15,000+ followers per day, for a total of almost 100,000 follower

Sweet Anita Twitch Growth

Sweet Anita Twitch Growth

Sweet Anita’s Twitch isn’t her only social media going viral. She also posts clips of her ticks on Twitter. The clips have started to gain Twitter users attention. One of the most recent clips is when she is telling users about her favorite ice cream, and ends up having a tick that confuses some of the other players she is playing with. See for yourself:


Sweet Anita Twitter Growth

Sweet Anita Twitter Growth


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