Transgender Woman Freaks Out At GameStop Employee for Calling Her “Sir”

GameStop is known for giving incredible rates for the purchased of used items. It appears as if this transgender woman wasn’t happy with the fact that she would be getting in-store credit instead of cash. However, that wasn’t the only think that pissed her off. The store worker either by accident or on purpose to piss her off called her a “sir”. To which the employee insists that he said “you guys” in general to the group of people. To add insult to injury, after the transgender woman begins freaking out at the store employee another customer with a child says “excuse me sir…” which appeared to push the transgender woman over the top.

After going on a rant about being mis-gendered the trans woman throws a fit. Kicking over boxes, yelling and asking for the corporate number that can easily be Googled. During the heated dispute the woman asks if the employee would like to go out to the parking lot for a fight, to which the employee declines. Once it’s all over on the way out the door the woman makes sure the employee feels bad by saying

“I’m going to tell the entire LGBT community about this and you’re going to lose money over this.”

It’s unclear if the woman was either having a bad day, on drugs or just completely mentally unstable. Since the video went viral on Reddit there has been no comment from GameStop if any action was taken on the employee. Some transgender people are quite upset, while others are saying that she is a bad representation of how they should treat others who mislabel them.

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