The Division 2 Weapon Talents Tier List – Best Weapon Talents in TD2

In The Division 2 your weapons come with talents on them. Talents are extra perks that give the weapon special abilities and allow them to perform differently to other the exact same weapon with a different talent. Not every weapon comes with every talent, some talents are only for shotguns while others are only for light machine guns and so on. There are three different types of talents: active, weapon handling, and holstered talents.

Active talents are talents that are automatically active on the weapon. Weapon handling talents improve the stability / accuracy of of the weapon. Holstered talents are talents that are only activated when the weapon is in your holster.

This Division 2 weapon talents tier list was created by popular Division YouTuber @MarcoStyleMarcoStyle has been creating The Division 2 guides, tips and walk through videos since the release of the original Division and is quite knowledgeable on The Division series.

As with most tier lists, tier 1 is the best followed by tier 2 and tier 3 and lastly tier 4 which is the worst weapon talents. After reviewing the talents in each tier list you can head to the bottom where we have listed all weapon talents and what they do. Keep in mind this tier list from MarcoStyle is his personal tier list, which we agree with, and may not be the best tier list for your individual build.

The Division 2 Weapon Talents Tier List

Active Talents Tier List

Tier Talents
T1 Close & Personal | Frenzy | Premeditated | Strained | Unhinged
T2 Fast Hands | First Blood | Lucky Shot | Optimist | Preservation | Ranger | Steady Handed | Reformation
T3 Boomerang | Breadbasket | Eyeless | Finisher | Ignited | Sadist | Killer | Near Sighted | On Empty | Spike | Pummel | Rifleman
T4 Measured | Naked | Outsider | Vindictive | Perpetuation | Unwavering

Weapon Handling Talents Tier List

Tier Talents
T1 Allegro
T2 Extra | Stable
T3 Optimized | Jazz Hands | Distance
T4 Accurate

Holstered Talents Tier List

Tier Talents
T1 In Rhythm | Stop Drop & Roll
T2 Protected Deploy | Protected Reload | Rebooted | Wascally
T3 Greased | Transmission | Overlap
T4 Canon | Everlasting | Recharged | Doubly Duty| Zen

All Division 2 Weapon Talents & What They Do

Talent Description Stacks Requirements
Breadbasket Landing body shots adds a stack of bonus +5% headshot damage to the next headshot for 10s. Max stack is 10. (1x – 10x) (5% – 50%) 5 or more Offense
Close & Personal Killing a target within 7m grants +50% weapon damage for 5s. 5 or more Offense
Eyeless Deal +10% weapon damage to blinded enemies.
Fast Hands Critical hits add a stack of 3% reload speed bonus. Max stack is 20. (1x – 20x) (3% – 60%)
First Blood First shot fired from a full magazine deals headshot damage to any part of the body hit. 8x Scope or higher
Ignited Deal +10% weapon damage to burning enemies.
Killer Killing an enemy with a critical hit grants +50% critical hit chance for 5s. 5 or more Offense
Lucky Shot Magazine capacity is increased. Missed shots from cover have a chance to return to the magazine.
Measured The top half of the magazine has +15% rate of fire and -20% weapon damage.The bottom half of the magazine has -25% rate of fire and +20% weapon damage.
Naked Headshot damage is increased by +50% while your armor is depleted. 8x Scope or higher
On Empty Reloading from empty grants +30% weapon handling for 10s. 4 or less Defensive
Optimist Weapon damage is increased by +10% for every 2% ammo missing from the magazine. (1x – 49x) (10% – 490%) 5 or less Offense
Perpetuation Headshot kills grant +5% skill duration, ammo, and charges to the next skill used. Max stack is 10. (1x – 10x) (5% – 25%) 5 or more Utility
Preservation Killing an enemy repairs 5% armor over 3s. Headshot kills improves the repair. 7 or more Defensive
Pummel 3 Consecutive body shot kills refills the magazine and grants +50% weapon damage for 7s. 4 or more Offense
Ranger Every 5m you are from the target grants +2% weapon damage. (1x – 20x) (2% – 40%) 4 or less Utility
Reformation Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 25% for 25s. 4 or less Offense Stat
Rifleman Landing headshots adds a stack of bonus +10% weapon damage for 5s. Max stack is 5.Additional headshots refresh the duration. All non-headshots remove the bonus. (1x – 5x) (10% – 50%) 4 or less Defense Stat
Sadist Deal +10% weapon damage to bleeding enemies.
Salvage Killing a target has a +50% chance to refill the magazine.
Spike Headshot kills grant +25% skill damage for 10s. 5 or more Utility
Steady Handed Landing a shot adds a stack of bonus 2% weapon handling. Max stack is 15.At max stacks each shot landed has a 5% chance to consume the weapon handling bonus and refill the magazine. (1x – 15x) (2% – 30%) 5 or less Offense
Strained +10% critical hit damage is gained for every 5% of your armor that is depleted. (1x – 20x) (10% – 200%) 5 or less Offense
Unhinged Receive +25% weapon damage at the cost of -35% weapon handling.
Unwavering Swapping to this weapon grants max weapon handling for 5s. Kills refresh the buff.
Vindictive Killing an enemy with a status effect applied grants all group members within 15m +20% critical hit chance for 10s. 4 or less Offense
Accurate +15% Accuracy
Allegro +10% Rate of Fire
Distance +15% Optimal Range
Extra +20% Magazine Capacity
Jazz Hands +10% Reload Speed
Optimized +15% Weapon Handling
Stable +15% Stability
Double Duty While holstered, reloading your primary weapon reloads this weapon.
Everlasting While holstered, this weapon regenerates ammo while in cover.
Greased While holstered, this weapon increases weapon swap speed by 10%.
Overlap While holstered, your equipped weapon gains a handling bonus based on this weapon’s type.
Transmission While holstered, shock applied to the Agent transfers to an enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 60s.
Wascally While holstered, you are able to resist 2 ensnare attempts.
Cannon While equipped, this weapon increases throwing distance by 10%.
In Rhythm While equipped, enemy kills have a 5% chance to refresh active skill cooldowns. Can occur once every 60s.
Protected Deploy While equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while deploying a skill.
Protected Reload While equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while reloading.
Recharged While equipped, enemy kills from cover can recharge depleted skill charges.
Rooted While equipped and in cover, all skill damage and healing is increased by +25% for 10s.Buff is lost when exiting cover. Can occur once every 25s.
Stop, Drop, and Roll While equipped, rolling removes burn, bleed, and poisoned status effects. Can occur once every 60s.
Zen While equipped, resting in cover for 3s removes blind and disorient status effects.


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