The Division 2 State of the Game – Recalibration Changes, GS 515 Drops

The Division 2 has revealed upcoming changes to the popular multiplayer title in the latest “State of the Game”. Division 2 employees went live on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer on April 24, 2019 to discuss important upcoming changes that would be coming in the next major patch. Some of the changes include how re-calibrating weapons work, changes to gear score and gear score drops and more.

To some players dismay, one important detail that was not released was the release date of the raid that was originally planned for April 25, 2019. The release date for the raid is still “sometime in May”.

Division 2 State of the Game April 24, 2019

  • All drops will now be at your average gear score or above. Purple drops will cap at gear score 490, while high end drops will cap at 500.
  • The re calibration station has changed to allow higher ceilings on transferred stats. Previously there were hard caps on stats that could be transferred. Now there are caps, but you are a lot less likely to hit the cap. Also, re calibrating will no longer raise the gear score, it will raise a “re calibration score”.
  • Gear with a gear score of 515 will no longer only drop in the dark zone. Agents will have additional opportunities to earn gear score 515 items, however, the way in which players loot gear score 515 gear was not announced.
  • Blue and purple mode blueprints will now be purchasable from the crafting vendor.
  • When you are low on ammo there will be an increased ammo drop rate.
  • Agents can now carry 600 grey crafting materials, previously, agents could only carry 400.
  • Hard Wired crafted gear will not be gear score 480 or above, previously it was 460 or above.

The official release date for these Division 2 changes has not been released. However, when there is a State of the Game stream the changes normally make their way into the live version of the game relatively quickly. We are expecting these changes to go live within the first or second week of May after the PTS server is done being tested.

You can view the complete April 24, 2019 State of the Game stream by watching the replay on YouTube below.

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