Street Light Spotlight Locations, Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenge

Fortnite Streetlight Spotlight Map

Fortnite Season 6 has started, this means all new challenges. One of the challenges you will be faced with is dancing under 7 different street light spotlights. There are more than 7 streetlight spotlight locations; However, you will only need to dance at 7 of them to complete the challenge.

To complete the challenge you will need to make sure that you have atleast 1 dance move equipped prior to starting the game. Once your move is equipped you will need to take a look at our street light spotlight map to decide where you would like to land. Once you have decided you will need to land, find the location, and perform your dance move. Side note, you will not need to complete your entire dancing emote to complete the challenge – you just need to dance for a second or two to complete that streetlight spotlight.

Fortnite Streetlight Spotlight Map
Fortnite Streetlight Spotlight Map

Easiest Street light Spotlight Locations:

  • South of the Disco Building, North of Flush Factory
  • Center of Greasy Grove
  • Next to the soccer goal by the swimming pool
  • Top part of fatal fields
  • Next to the entrance to risky reels
  • North of lazy links by the small hut
  • North central part of pleasant park – along the road

Street light Spotlight Locations Video Guide:

Video posted by @themashash

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