Splitgate Weapon Stats – Damage, Rate of Fire, Damage Drop Off

Splitgate Weapon Stats

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a popular multiplayer FPS based shooter that utilizes portals. There are multiple different game modes and weapons where teams compete to defeat their opponent. Within the game there are currently 8 different weapons, and depending on which weapon you are using that should determine your play style. Each weapon does a different amount of damage, has a different rate of fire, and has a different handling to it enabling a different playing experience.

By knowing the stats for each weapon and matching it with your play style players will be able to figure out what there best Splitgate weapon is.

Splitgate Weapon Stats

Weapon Rate of Fire Body Damage Head Shot Damage Un-Zoomed Spread Zoomed Spread Damage Drop Off 1 Damage Drop Off 2
Assault Rifle 0.1s 11.5 16 0.75-1.5 0.6-1.25 20m 40m
Battle Rifle 0.5s 15 25 0.1 0 60m 100m
Pistol 0.35s 30 40 0.5 0.5 30m 50m
Shotgun 1s 25 30 12.5 N/A 10m 25m
Sub Machine Gun 0.06s 10 12.5 2.1-2.25 N/A 20m 50m
Sniper Rifle 0.85s 70 150 3.25 0 0 0
Plasma Rifle 0.11s 17.5 17.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rocket Launcher 1s 350 explosive damage N/A N/A N/A N/A

Keep in mind that weapons such as the shotgun and battle rifle shoot more than 1 bullet. The weapon damage may be low, but depending on the number of bullets or pellets you hit the weapon can do mass amounts of damage. For example, the battle rifle shoots 3 bullets – if you hit 1 of the 3 bullets to the body you will do 15 damage. However, if you hit all 3 to the body you will do 45 damage which is more than a head shot from the pistol.

Another thing to note is the game just recently released on May 22, 2019. As the game continues to evolve weapon stats will be adjusted to fit into the meta and create a “balanced” game. Along with balancing most first person shooters introduce new weapons through out the life span of the game. As new weapons and changes are made we will continue to update the sheet as best we can do represent accurate Splitgate weapon stats.

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