Rumor: Immotals Win Bid For Infinite Esports & Entertainment

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Rumors are beginning to circulate that as expected Immortals Gaming Club have won the bid for Infinite Esports & Entertainment. If rumors are true, by winning the bid Immortals would now own the League of Legends spot that they were initially after. Immortals will presumably also take ownership of all of the other Infinite assets including the Houston Outlaws & Counter-Strike team (which they would be forced to sell), the Call of Duty & Gears of War team. The Houston Outlaws and OpTic Gaming CSGO team would be put up for sale – as Immortals currently already own the L.A. Valient Overwatch team along with the MiBR CSGO team.

Rumor - OpTic Sold to Immortals
Rumor – OpTic Sold to Immortals

The rumor was initially released by “Will–L” on the OpTic Gaming subreddit. Will-L or WillLand on Twitter is a Counter-Strike writer and enthusiast. Will later went on to describe what he’s heard regarding the sale of Infinite.

WillLand - On how he knows about the Infinite sale
WillLand – On how he knows about the Infinite sale

Along with the sale of the esports rosters and league spots it is assumed that Immortals would be primary owners in all other employees and content creators. Whether or not Immortals decides to keep any content creators or staff is yet to be known. Immortals currently already has their own staff, with the acquisition of Infinite it is unclear how many new staff members they will need.

For the fans of the #Greenwall there is a tiny bit of hope for the OpTic Gaming brand as the original leak did say that Hector Rodriguez (former owner of OpTic) was going after everything that Immortals could not own – which would be Overwatch and Counter-Strike team. Along with OpTic players voicing their frustrations and concerns with the sale it’s unclear if any of the rosters would even compete under Immortals.

Video breaking down the rumor that OpTic has sold to Immortals:


Keep in mind none of this has been confirmed by either side. Immortals nor Infinite have made a public announcement. If you are looking to keep up on previous rumors and leaks regarding the sale take a look at What is going on with the OpTic Gaming sale?

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