Ring of Elysium Patch Notes – December 9 Christmas Update

Ring of Elysium December 9 Patch Notes

Ring of Elysium released their latest update on December 9, 2018. With Christmas right around the corner the Ring of Elysium map has holiday decor scattered throughout. Along with the holiday decorations a brand new in-game store has been added to RoE. Players can find skins, icons and more available for purchase in the store.

Ring of Elysium December 9 Christmas Patch Notes

Holiday related

  • Christmas is right around the corner, Santa Claus has laid out a variety of Christmas decorations throughout the vast Dione snow mountains, as well as Christmas exclusive helmets, vehicles, player lootboxes, and airdrops filled with festive atmosphere, merry Christmas!



  • The Store is finally here! The first batch of goods for sale will be:
    • Three adventurer characters’ Thanksgiving special styles
    • Three levels of Adventurer Tier instant boosts (+1, +5 and +10 tiers)
      • Players can purchase adventurer tiers at the Store or through the “Buy Tiers” button under the Adventurer Pass interface



  • Buffed the Climbing pack by:
    • Enabling the ability to shoot on ziplines with SMG and pistols, players won’t feel trapped anymore when someone is camping and shooting at them on the other side of the zipline
    • Enabling the ability to slide down while climbing a rock surface with Ice Axe, by simply pressing the S key, you will drop to safety in style!
  • Significantly increased the safe zone shrinking randomization variations, adding more diversity to games
  • When Ymir reaches the final zone, the visual range of the helicopter will now be displayed as text above the minimap and on the top of the map interface
  • Added a continuous flickering effect on the minimap and the map interface for zones affected by Ymir before reaching minus 30 degrees Celsius



  • When switching weapons, the second scope will also be switched to the new weapon, if possible
  • Adjusted the display of MPX’s 4X scope when aiming down sight to align with the 4X scope ADS display in other weapons



  • Lowered the gunfire sound volume for players themselves
  • Optimized the gunfire sounds for MP5, we hope to provide a more dynamic sound performance that is also pleasing to your ears
  • Added a fade-out effect at the end of vehicles’ burning sounds



  • Slightly lowered the memory usage of the client

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a client crash under game lobby
  • Fixed an issue where an extra footstep sound was played when characters started their movement
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the 8X scope to weapons’ second scope slot in the inventory interface didn’t count for progress for the “Equip 8X scope in 3 games” weekly challenge
  • Fixed an issue where the Redeem Code pop-up window didn’t lay over the Referral Rewards interface
  • Fixed an issue where the text lines were placed incorrectly in the reward claiming interface
  • Fixed an issue where the “OK” button could not be clicked in the Adventurer tier increase and reward interface occasionally
  • Fixed an issue where certain objects/models obstructed character movement
  • Fixed an issue where certain utility poles floated on ground
  • Fixed an issue where certain windows were rather difficult for characters to vault
  • Fixed an issue which caused camera glitches when characters rotated their camera when being at the edge of vehicles
  • Fixed an issue which caused helmet model glitches for third party Gavin (Graffiti Artist styles) characters
  • Fixed an issue which caused character model glitches while the character was proned, knocked down and turning the camera under first person perspective

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