Ring of Elysium Complete Weapons List, Best Weapons in RoE

Ring of Elysium Weapons List

Ring of Elysium is currently a free to play battle royale game available on the Steam marketplace. Like other battle royale game modes you land, loot and try and survive. When it comes to mid and late game players are looking to have the best loot and weapons possible. We have put together a complete list of Ring of Elysium weapons to help you decide which weapon best fits your play style.

Best Weapons in Ring of Elysium:

  • Best Assault Rifle: M4A1 (AUG for airdrops)
  • Best DMR: G28
  • Best Sub Machine Gun: Vector
  • Best Pistol: USP45.
  • Best Sniper Rifle: VKS
  • Best Shotgun: Origin 12

Updated: 10/2/2018

Assault Rifles in Ring of Elysium:

We believe that the best assault rifle in the game is the M4A1 or the AK-47 depending on your play style. The M4A1 is more accurate, and allows for more attachments. However, the AK-47 does more damage, but does not allow attachments and isn’t as accurate as the M4A1.


Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
M4A1 5.56mm This along with the LVOA-C appear to be the best assault rifle. This might be slightly better than the LVOA-C because you are able to attach a gun mount.
Groza 7.62mm Higher rate of fire, but has a lot of recoil.
LVOA-C 5.56mm By firing 5.56mm ammo this weapon has a lot less recoil than the other 7.62mm rifles. Similar to the M4A1 – However, you can not attach a weapon mount.
AK-47 7.62mm Automatic assault rifle that does high damage, but has a lot of recoil.
SCAR-H 5.56mm This weapon has not appeared in the game yet. It has just been data-mined from game files.
AUG 5.56mm The AUG is the most powerful assault rifle in the game. However, you can only acquire it from air drops.

Sub Machine Guns in Ring of Elysium:

Sub machine guns are great in RoE. They are good for close quarters, and can do quite a bit of damage with the right attachments and mounts.

Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
MP5 9mm Less damage than the vector but a higher rate of fire.
Uzi Unknown This weapon has not appeared in the game yet. It has just been data-mined from game files.
Vector .45 ACP Higher damage because of the .45 ACP ammo. However it has a smaller clip size, and a little more recoil.

Pistols in Ring of Elysium:

Pistols are mostly only used early game. If you land next to somebody they can be used to quickly take them out. However, pistols are generally useless and not used late game.


Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
Glock 17 9mm The glock is a staple in almost every shooter game since the beginning. However, this is by far the weakest gun in the game.
USP45 .45 ACP By using .45 ACP over the Glock’s 9mm this pistol does more damage.
Desert Eagle .50 ACP New pistol added to RoE. High damage, slow shooting. Appears to do more damage to armored players than the other pistols.

Sniper Rifles in Ring of Elysium:

Sniper Rifles are almost a necessity in Ring of Elysium. You will find yourself in quite a few long range engagements throughout the course of a game. These long range engagements are made a lot easier if you can find a scope and a sniper rifle to take out your opponent at range.


Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
Mosin Nagant 7.62mm Old school bolt action rifle. This weapon comes pre-equipped with a 4x scope. Does more damage than the R700 but it doesn’t allow for the extra weapon attachments.
R700 5.56mm Your classic video game sniper rifle. This sniper can be fully equipped with scopes and attachments to help you hit enemies at even further ranges than the Mosin Nagant.
MSR 7.62mm This weapon hasn’t been released yet.
VKS .50 ACP Currently the strongest sniper in the game. It is the only rifle in the game capable of finishing off an enemy with 1 shot even if they have the best armor.

Shotguns in Ring of Elysium:

With most shotguns in RoE you are able to 2 shot an opponent. Shotguns are very good early game, and depending on how you play late game can be viable as well.

Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
Citori 12 gauge Two barrel shotgun that does a solid amount of damage. The drawback to using this shotgun is that if you miss, it takes a considerable amount of time to reload.
Origin 12 12 gauge The best shotgun in RoE. Does a lot of damage, and can fire 5 rounds in semi-automatic mode.
Remington 870 12 gauge Semi-automatic shotgun. Seems to have a little more range that the other shotguns.


Designated Marksman Rifles:

Image Name Ammo Type Weapon Notes
G28 7.62mm This is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game. With the high rate of fire mixed with the 7.62mm ammo you will be set to deal out a ton of damage.
MK12 5.56 Similar to the G28 in shooting style. However, this gun does less damage, but can shoot faster.

Ring of Elysium New Weapons:

Desert Eagle RoE
Desert Eagle RoE

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