RFRSH Entertainment Sell Stake in Heroic

RFRSH Sell Heroic

RFRSH Entertainment is one of the largest holding companies in the Counter-Strike scene. The impressive portfolio of RFRSH consisted of the Blast Pro Series – a professional Counter-Strike tournament featuring some of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world. The portfolio also consisted of two professional Danish Counter-Strike teams Astralias and Heroic. This is where things started to get complicated for RFRSH.

Running your own tournament and owning two teams seemed a little counter-competitive to some people including the World Esports Association (WESA). WESA passed a rule that parent companies (in this instance RFRSH) would not be able to have more than one team compete in the same tournament. To comply with that rule RFRSH decided that it would be best for the players, managers, coaches and staff of Heroic to be moved out from under their brand. To remove Heroic the parent company RFRSH has sold their stake in the company, (including contracts, branding, lineups) to another esports holding company “Seranadas global Inc.” The amount that the stake in Heroic was sold for has not been made public.

The sale has left Astralis as the sole esports team that RFRSH Entertainment owns. This will allow RFRSH to pursue other esports opportunities with Astralis such as expanding into other esports.


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