Raven Software Nerfs Krampus in Warzone

Krampus Nerfed

Krampus was originally added to Warzone Pacifica as part of the Festive Fervor event that started on December 13, 2021. With the Festive Fervor event Call of Duty added multiple props as part of the holiday event to spread the joy of the holiday’s to it’s players. However, Krampus – one of the main complaints of the event appeared to upset a lot of players with majority believing he was too strong, and destroying the competitive integrity of the game.

Krampus originally spawned in with what seemed like an insane amount of health. If you were playing as a team of 4, it was possible to take out Krampus but other players would be able to hear you taking him out and come and third party you. That was not the case in solo and duos; in solos it was near impossible to take Krampus out and in duos it was pretty much the same.

It appears that Raven Software has heard the multiple complains about Krampus, like the one above from JoeWo (professional streamer) and have nerfed Krampus. Raven Software have reduced the health of Krampus and have made it so that Krampus’ health scales across different game modes (Solo, Duo, Trio, Quads). They have also made is to that Krampus no longer spawns late game – after 4th circle so that when you are about to clutch a victory you don’t get taken out by Krampus.

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