Overwatch Introduces New Hero “Ashe”

Overwatch Ashe

During Blizzcon the Overwatch team announced a new DPS hero, Ashe. Ashe appears to be a mid range DPS character with the ability to ADS. Ashe fires shotgun shells, throws dynamite, and can even launch herself into the air. The main weapon, which is her shotgun, appears to have quite the range for a shotgun. Her secondary ability is a stick of dynamite that she can throw at the other team. The dynamite appears to have a high damage output, taking out Reinhardt in the skit. The final ability, her ultimate, is to call on a robotic henchman named “Bob”. With a name like that Bob has instantly become a fan favorite.

Take a look at the official announcement video for Ashe:

As of now, there has been no official announcement when Ashe will be available for gamers to play on the test server.

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