New Snowboards Coming to Fortnite – “Driftboard”

Fortnite season 7 has already added one new vehicle, the X-4 stormwing airplane, and now they will be adding another. The all new “driftboard” appears to be a snowboard that players can use to get around the map. Other than the in-game notification that the driftboard is coming there have been no details released on how to use them.

If the driftboard is like snowboards in other titles, players will need to be at the top of a hill to use them. If they are used on a flat surface players won’t be able to pick any speed. However, Fortnite normally does things a little differently. It’s quite possible the snowboard in Fortnite could be used on flat ground, might have a boost button, and players might even be able to do stunts on them.

Driftboard Announcement
Driftboard Announcement

Snowboard Announcement Player Reactions


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