Nadeshot Takes Jab at OpTic Gaming

Nadeshot Roasting OpTic Gaming

Since the departure of Nadeshot, OpTic Gaming has gone through a huge transition. They have had a change of majority ownership, acquired multiple teams in all different esports, and to be frank haven’t been performing at the level OpTic Gaming have been known to compete at. OpTic has also brought on some streamers to help grow the brands outreach via Twitch and YouTube. Some of the streamers they have brought on are CourageJD, Pterodactylsftw, and LukeTheNotable. 

While finishing up the beta for Black Ops 4, Nadeshot was playing with OpTic streamer CourageJD who has a strong background in the Call of Duty community as well as Nadeshot. Nadeshot and Courage have been bantering back and forth about moving in together in California – where CourageJD has wanted to live all along. Courage asks Nadeshot for one of his 100Thieves hoodies, when Nadeshot replies “Right where your OpTic hoodie is. Damn, man Jack’s (CourageJD) the biggest creator on a dying team.”

Most of the fans know that Nadeshot is joking, but is he really? A lot of the fans seems to be less interested, reddit numbers are down, and the team’s YouTube views have gone to almost nothing…well besides Courage.

Check out the clip for yourself:

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