MuTeX Kicked From Dallas Empire

Empire Kick MuTeX


Just 3 weeks after being signed to a professional Call of Duty League team, MuTeX has been kicked from the Dallas Empire. Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma has been removed from The Dallas Empire team after being caught live streaming a verbal altercation with a team mate. On November 23, 2019 MuTeX accidentally turned his livestream on in the middle of a heated argument with his team mate over who is at fault for a loss. Both MuTeX and the other player go on to call each other derogatory names while using offensive language.

A few days after the clip was released, along with apology videos and Tweets MuTeX announced on Twitter that he has been kicked by the Dallas Empire.

Update: The Dallas Empire have released their statement as well:

MuTeX being kicked from the Dallas Empire is the first time in the Call of Duty League that a player has been removed from a team for outside player behavior. MuTeX was brought on to the Empire team as a substitute, so starting roster wise Dallas should be fine. However, without any comment from his former team mates it is unclear how much of an impact MuTeX had on the team. Currently according to professional players are community generated scrim stats, Dallas is above the competition and will more than likely remain at the top without MuTeX.

The clip that started all of the drama regarding MuTeX can be seen below:

MuTeX Uncut Explicit Clip

After realizing that he was live MuTeX was quick to end the broadcast. However, the damage had been done as Twitter had already began to post the clip tagging both the Dallas Empire and MuTex himself. Shortly after the Tweet containing a clip from the livestream went out MuTeX began to issue apologies left and right given his newly given status of Call of Duty player representing a multi-million dollar professional team.

MuTeX Apology Clip

Post kick, it appears as if MuTeX is still going to try and make something happen for himself with Call of Duty. Just 15 minutes after announcing he was released he went live on Twitch saying “F all the losers praying on my down fall” and multiple other somewhat unapologetic comments making it seem as if he doesn’t care. He also goes on to say that the Dallas Empire have lost a huge asset and that it’s a huge loss for them.

You’re never going to find anyone as valuable as me when it comes to Search and Destroy – MuTeX


It’s yet to be seen if there will be any punishment on the side of Activision, or if being dropped by the Empire is enough of a punishment as it is.

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